Monday, 27 May 2013


Well this I had to do a double take for and am shocked that there is rioting in Sweden of all places

I honesty thought that the Scandinavian countries would be the last to do anything like this?!

I wanted to leave the UK and live there just a coupe of years back.

Odd report that mentioned nothing about who is rioting or indeed WHY they are rioting?!


OOPS EDIT: This did not get published and I have since found out that these were indeed youg Muslims rioting in a predominantly Muslim suburb so makes sense now

Also I wonder what old Lino will be thinking when we fell out because she argued that there would never be any trouble in Sweden. I was planning to live there and had no idea they had communities like this in Sweden in all honesty.

I said that there would be trouble eventually and she argued that nothing would ever happen in Sweden or any of the Scandinavian countries.

Since we last spoke there was the cartoon depicting Mohammed in a bad light, a bomb in Stockholm and that Anders Brevik and now this?!

God I hate being right all the time, lmao yes OK well I hate being proved right far too much, lol.

The last report I read on the BBC Android App said that on Friday, I think it was, that it had died right down and was relatively quiet as there were only 70 fires compared to the 90 they had the day before?!

Well even arsenists need to rest?! LOL.

Also of note was that this rioting had already gone on for 6 days when I first heard about it?!

Very bizarre forms of journalism being employed. In fact its an insult to the word 'journalism' not to mention the spirit of journalism to even call it that today.

It is nothing of the kind and it seems that the picking and choosing has gone from bad to silly and stand out obvious that they are deliberately NOT reporting on certain things despite how major it may be.

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