Friday, 31 May 2013


Annoyingly I have had to miss an appointment today due to stomach cramps and .... too much time in the loo!!


So I went online to re-book my appointment when I noticed I have ANOTHER appointment to book?!

All a bit odd but the Inguinal Hernia pain appointment up first...

Now the Foot Appointment that I never received and as ever with additions and pointers with my speculations and opinions.

While doing these edits it DID occur to me that like the KNEE MRI I never received and had performed and the Knee appointment where they only looked at my feet and the meeting with Heads of Departments at Barnet Hospital I think they are attempting to play me.

Also to try  and say that I am bad at turning up for appointments and that is why I have never been diagnosed?!

Well if so and if YOU are reading this...

Good luck with that and be sure to let me know how this turns out for you?!


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