Saturday, 18 May 2013


Though remember, it is NOT ATOS though they ARE just as guilty they are only the henchmen.

I have always maintained long before I even started this blog...bloody years before I started this blog in fact, that the DWP know what they are doing at Atos because that is how it was set out.

But it does not end there either and you have to look beyond this. It is a clever ruse to get the public chasing their tails thing after the targets put deliberately in the line of fire.

Remember in so doing they have hired so called professional people such as this chap who, despite their education, have been naive to just how much they have been used and to what end.

For the most self centred ones our just the ones in too much fear to say anything these ones will find themselves the ones being blamed so do themselves no favours whatsoever. It just gets worse for all concerned the longer it goes on.

It is also not confined to Atos and the DWP either and like I said over and over again GPs and Doctor's along with specialists down to nurses have been write cleverly duped and manipulated to vitriol the while system. This blog had existed to shatter this illusion to one and all.

Little by little I have exposed the truth on this blog to more and more people very carefully do a few more can contemplate the consequences of those I pay out for them and I can only show them what is behind the closed doors. What they then do is entirely up to them and their conscience.

With my details, evidence and theories along with what each of these individuals know our have been told, heard or suspected my theories and evidence had intended to fill in the gaps or extinguish any doubts they had regarding their suspicions.

To my mind those that DO ACT are heroes one and all. A shame that it needs a series of heroes but fortunately not many.

Just one here and there from the right public offices and industries to be able to joins the dots together is all it will take.

The odd thing is the one industry that should have the biggest leeks that will be impossible to plug is that if local councils...

Atos and the DWP are just two organisations closely linked but there are dozens and dozens if local councils. Also by the time a few whistle blowers have come out, if which there have been several so far, do gooders and people with the highest morals that work in these industries can 'go looking' our obtain there own evidence despite have no suspicions before hand.

So rather like a snowball effect once in motion that will become itself a Tsunami if whistle blowers. That is a huge number of people to keep track of and in all honesty cannot be done without condemning themselves and the dark forces they work for, lol.

After all that gagging order has been reported on in the NHS so things are now being watched and scrutinised. There must be over 100 councils throughout the UK and each one could potentially have one or more whistle blowers emerge so we are talking about trends of thousands of people our more having to be watched and hundreds potential whistle blowers. Lmao.

That must mean a few hundred people up and down the UK are not sleeping easily and they do not even come close to knowing what it had been like for many of us, lol.

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