Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Now here is a prime example of JUST ONE of the many downsides that us heading our way due to the twats that run this country!

We have already seen people with these kind of ailments treated like this in so called care homes. Now many will either die, live lives of debauchery or be treated like this after being forced into slave labour?!

This is just one single downside if a while list that will be heading our way before long.

A prime example if the pitfalls if focusing everything and all values on money alone while claiming we live in a civilised society!

You either have laws for all and claim to have a civilised society our you put up our shut up and declare OPEN SEASON and anything goes!

You cannot split society in two with differing rules and rights for each. If you need me to spell out to you what the plain OBVIOUS AND INEVITABLE outcome if this will be then I am afraid you're not anywhere best as intelligent as you like to think that you are.

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