Saturday, 4 May 2013


Well as I thought this is been EXTENDED?! LOL.

I poke to my daughter on the phone today as well as my youngest grandson who can now talk, he asked his mother why I sounded funny? LMAO!

It seems that everything that has been done, tested, laid out and PERFORMED by the council in nearly 20 years has been thrown out completely and oh boy must they hate me and my name now, well it serves them right.

They used to get alot of correspondence from me and in all manner of ways but they have not heard from me in a fiar old time now maybe even as long as a year?!

Do you think they now are realising it was because I knew I had done enough for my daughter to win?! That she could now do everything herself with the aid of a solicitor?!

It is just as I told my daughter there was really very little I could do unless something was requested of me by her solicitor. That has not happened as yet and I am surprised by that but then I like to tell myself the case is such a slam dunk and the very existence of this blog and knowledge of it is making some parties, or indeed all parties if they are ALL aware of it, do their jobs as they should.

A little difficult to sweep things under the carpet when I have made sure they now have an audience of 20,000 people and growing?!

Man would I love to be a fly on the wall in the offices of Wirral Council right now?!

My daughter also stated that it feels funny and comforting that it is now obvious that the judge feels sorry for her and seems to be genuinely defending her cause?! I said I knew exactly what she meant as I was feeling exactly that upon hearing this. A kind of nice warm glow that someone is there for you.

But I cannot let my guard drop just yet as I do not want to get caught with my pants around my ankles while bending over the bridge to see the fish, lol.

So there is some kind of postponement for 7 weeks. Reconvening near the end of June when a Cafcass and Judge appointed social worker watches my daughter with one of her sons. Odfdly I was told that my daughter was told that it would be too much of a wrench to take my grandson away and that he did not know who his real mother was?! I may have even mentioned this...

...yet when he heard his mother say "Hi Dad!" on the phone he immediately said he wanted to talk to his grand-dad?! Got that is weird referring to myself as a grandfather at just 44, lol.

So I am not sure now who said that about my youngest grandson but like everything else it is complete bullshit.

Oddly I had though that, like all councils and public offices, that Wirral Council were so arrogant at what they were allowed or could get away with that they would just dig themselves in deeper.

I also heard that the last of the 7 social workers and the only man and called Ben was going to be called to take the stand and give evidence but not sure of this is the case as yet. Also bizarrely I have not heard anything about any of the OTHER previous social workers who were involved for a much greater length of time than Ben could ever dream of being.

Though I maintain what I state and have stated all along is that these front line staff as just used as mindless pawns by their lords and masters as fall guys when it all goes wrong. Unfortunately they do not know it, except for the one fired over baby Peter, and we do not know it, except for me of course, lol.

Now I for one want to put a stop to this widespread public naivety where they are so disgusted by an event or incident they only want a target instead of the real culprit. Often the ones presented as culprits are just brain dead people who have not the savvy to realise that they have been use as fall guys and I am afraid to say that the media are just as guilty of this.

I never was and maybe its because I spend a great deal of my time in the woods while staring at the trees looking for birds. I CAN see the wood despite the trees and each wood has its own character and therefore different species of birds!

Unfortunately for these lords and masters they were never EVER going to fool me nor fob me off and nor will they EVER do.

These counts with all the above!

After all it is my belief that no one alive should me made to go through what we have done and I do mean NO ONE and with anything I have listed throughout this blog. It has been tantamount to torture that has been never ending and seering.

I would have taken a cyanide pill when I was 18 had I had a glimpse into my own future!

If someone had put an animal through this much torment I would have quite literally killed them!

Oh my rent has not come through so now it is the turn of Enfield Council to feel my wrath!

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