Thursday, 23 May 2013


Well it has sort of started to happen as I suspected.

This morning I received a peculiar phone-call from an unexpected source, though if you wanted to split hairs then technically I have had TWO. Despite stating this clue this source was ever so slightly different.

I will now refer to him from now on as 'The Cat' and he rand me telling me he was from the Job Centre, yes THE Job Centre on blog infamy throughout this blog.

What was INTERESTING was what he said...

We are SORRY..

I have been ASSURED by ALL INVOLVED that your benefits will NEVER EVER be stopped again...(hope that includes DISABILITY and/or PIPS LMAO?!)

Here is my direct number if there is EVER ANY problem please call me!

I can see the Pigeons heading out as I type this out! They do not want to be involved in this particular bar fight!

So little by little my goals are being achieved and oddly in the period I always thought would be the LATEST they would all start to happen.

It only remains to be seen what happens with the changeover from Incapacity Benefit  to PIPS, LMAO. You will need to see what I put very early on in my blog to see why I laughed at this?!

In early June my 'thing' with the NHS and Enfield Primary Care Trusts, well all Primary Care Trusts really, comes to a head which may or may not last a month. Down to their reactions really.

Late June to early July sees the end of Wirral Council and possibly Merseyside Police though the latter may come later I am not sure but it WILL COME! Wirral Council should then have a knock on effect to the other councils I have been involved with.

By this time it will be realised by all that have ever visited here that I have been telling the truth, I have been BATTLING these people, the SYSTEM and WINNING. This will lead to spreads of the rumours, that will drwa people in here to see the TRUTH. Mass teachings and then everything else throughtout 2013 all gets its own and well deserved attention.

The claw marks have been gradually turned into gaping cracks and the Cats have landed among the Pigeons and realised that this IS the realm of The White Tiger and that it has not been a safe place to be in and they have been here for far too long.

They now realise that paw prints of a Tiger have been circling them all along and that he has been biding his time and picking and choosing HIS battles and NOT the other way around.

Little by little small chinks have appeared in their armour of ignorance to the point that daylight starts to break through. There would always be a time when enough daylight getting through would be seen by all the pawns on the chessboard.

On this chess board the White Tiger has better moves than the Queen Piece!

Now the Cats are running with the Pigeons.

Very soon only two will remain...




NO BLOODY WAY, not yet!! Much to be done!!

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