Thursday, 2 May 2013


Today I had another key time and date and for those that have forgotten or not reached that post stating what was approaching its is the following...


How cool this was too!!

I got a phone-call a couple of days ago asking if I would not only come in a few days time but also I do not have to travel to the bloody hospital?!

Added to this that, and you will need to look back in the archives for this one, it is the SAME chap I met a TWO years ago up at the hospital.

Oddly though his head dropped when I replied to his question of the diagnosis and I stated that I do not KNOW yet he then did something curious.

He stated he was going to add a drug to my list of drugs called Gabapentin, I think he said, and this was not only something to do with electrical signals to and from my muscles but also he seemed to be aware of the fact I had the Nerve Conduction Tests too?!

Now if you recall this test was about the electrical signals regarding my muscles to which the test results were negative but these pills ARE to do with the electrical signals to and from my muscles?!

Well if your confused beyond belief with that one well join the club and I am the chairman of the board?!

After leaving I thought how good it was to have met him again and have this new drug to add to my arsenal of drugs and hoping that it has some effect on some of my conditions, fingers crossed.

Turns out that the drug is given to patients that are epileptic but I have no grand mal seizures, though I did have one many years ago and do go light headed and warm and fuzzy often when I am out and grabbing hold of magazine racks so that I do not fall over, lol.

As I said to two friends afterwards maybe they DID find out something and just did not want to admit I was right and they were horridly wrong for all these years. Maybe that news has got to this pain management guy which is why he hung his head like he was in shame when I said I did not know and said results were negative and perhaps the DWP became informed too?!

It will probably turn out to be pure coincidence that I just so happen to have now been prescribed drugs that seem to be linked to the Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography tests.

Oh but not take MY WORD for it, LMAO... EVER...

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