Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Well for some reason I had it in my head to buy bike grease just in case but did not do it yesterday.

Today I went out to go to Enfield Council yet again, ooh and just you wait for the next post lol, and then later I cycled to Sainsburys and decided to go back to Halfords to ask what I had forgotten to, are the cone nuts supposed to be more than finger tight.

As I locked up my bike and looked down at my rear wheel I got my answer when I noticed a thick bulge of black grease around the edge where the rubber cop meets the metal on the wheel hub!!


£5.99 for tube of grease back home after Sainsburys and I thought this will be quick as the wheel seems fine I just need to tighten the nuts so leave one where it is, loosen other side, move axle one way, fill bearings with grease, move other way, fill bearings on other side, tightne up the side I loosened and job done!!

Except once back in place the wheel did not want to spin very freely, on and off the bike several times and I cannot figure out what it is. I left it in the shed...AGAIN!!

I think I now know what to do but still think that skewer is a problem so now wondering if I should have just bought the pair of skewers from Halfords?!

I had intended to cycle to Waltham Abbey and visit a bike shop there, get the ONE rear skewer instead if having to buy TWO ad would probably be cheaper to boot, So likely to be 3 or 4 quid instead of 8 quid.

But the weather put paid to that plan!

For the love of god, will I EVER get this done?!

Panic Stations again and while trying to sort this out I had a very interesting conversation with a member of staff at the council who will remain nameless, lol...

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