Monday, 13 May 2013


Well I thought I would post up here the two receipts I received from two of my THREE visits to Enfield Council.

First visit I left evidence then heard nothing.

Second visit I was given a form that SHOULD have been included in the cancellation letter.

Third visit I went in with MORE as well as DIFFERING documentary evidence than that I handed in PREVIOUSLY!

Amongst all that I have also emailed them twice!

I now have ANOTHER appointment I have just booked for the aching and stinging pain in my inguinal hernia repair which is for the end of THIS MONTH, LMAO.

Other than the cancellation letter I got since then I have heard nothing at all from the council and no responses to the three visits and two emails.

It is now Monday 13th May 2013 and I just checked my digital banking and NO RENT which means it is now two weeks late as it is normally paid around the 27th to the 30th of the month.

As the first lot of evidence was handed in mid April plenty of time for them to correct their mistake and I do not even get a reply!

Also this cancellation was based on the DWP decision to cancel my Incapacity Benefit and they only needed the first lot of evidence to re-instate it and phone me twice and apologise!

Oh yes and I am STILL waiting for the Gabapentin from the GP and when I went in to my surgery to book an appointment they told me he was OFF FOR TWO WEEKS and as this has happened 4 times and I have been registered for not even a year I EXCLAIMED "WHAT AGAIN?! That is FOUR TIMES in less than a YEAR?!" to which they both looked embarrassed and did not kow where to avert their gazes.

I was surprised at my LAST GP, who closed her practice based upon what I know and included on this blog, and she only had around two holidays a year, not including the usual holidays

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