Saturday, 4 May 2013


Well only a coyote if years late and after a little mishap with digital banking and my incessant pain I finally got the second tyre today!

Unlike the saddle which is called a Vader and purchased from TK Maxx and never heard if but looks the part these are the real deal.

In fact these were originally going to be the tyres on my Litespeed Ocoee which was stolen from be after being knocked to the ground and then defrauded out of by a local council.

So yes top tyres but the saddle is God damn awful! Like sitting on a razor blade that had gone blunt and my arse hurts like hell if I am on it too long! In fact I bought a pair of Muddyfox padded tight shorts from Sports Direct due to this pain, lol.

Believe me with well the areas I have been involved in there really us no such thing as economising and I am testament to that.

However you now have an extra pitfall with being sold items they claim are brand new but are refurbished our used and even come from overseas!

Still I finally have the tyres but my rear wheel had a hell if a lot if play in it so I think the bearings are worn?!

I have lost three gears too so I'm using plasters on an axe wound, lol.

Continental and Schwalbe are the only tyres I have used when replacing or building a bike. Good performance combined with lightweight materials. Unlike an old friend who got two punctures in the first week on his brand new Hutchinson, lol. He ended yup with these actually, lol.

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