Monday, 6 May 2013


Oh my word, today is one of those days where I would like to take Ian Duncan Smiths and chums and go at the with a flame thrower!!

I already have yet another screw up buy public office who has made the wrong decision based on a wrong decision by someone else and they should not have access to this information anyway and should be guarded against be the Data Protection Act who are now appearing to me to be as defunct as all other bodies that get paid large salaries while doing sweet fuck all!

After being two years overdue I bought some tyres for my bike and as someone who has SEVERAL DISABILITIES and not just one I depend on the bike for getting around and doing jobs like those that get fucked up by fat, stupid incompetent lazy bastards who take 5 times more than I do to just get it wrong most of the day.

No I noticed after fitting tyres some wheel play in my rear wheel. Then I noticed that the wheel was having difficulty turning and became stiff at times. I started to wonder if this was why I have had so much pain lately?!?!

I thought it was the wheel bearing but then read a load of people, umm well idiots like the one who left a comment about one of MY Ubuntu videos, they said oh you just need these spanners and tighten up these cones, NUTS.

Spanners are effing ten quid but to tighten them in Halfords they want £20?! Double that buys me a new wheel!

Come home after doing favour for a mate take wheel off take everything apart, cannot understand why I cannot undo the locking nuts nor get the thing back on?! AN hour I am at this cursing, sweating, blaspheming and thinking for fuck sake why do I have to take on things I know nothing about just to try and save money and cause myself a load of pain and stress?!?!

I then think that there is a rubber cup missing and think that figuring it out will be a waste of time anyway as the grease will just come out, what is left of it!

I then realise why I cannot put it back in place and why there is a lot of play in the wheel...the damned AXLE IS BROKE IN HALF?!

I realise that this must have been like this from last year and think it a miracle I have not had an bad accident on the bike. This freaked me out and made me fucking angry because I have had an accident on a bike involving a car and despite it being 30 years ago I do not wish to repeat it and it is probably the cause of most of my pains today?!

SO now I am panicking as a nightmare has come up out of nowhere to bite me in the arse.

I dread winters because I struggle to get through them because I have no bike due to the weather. Now I have no bike!!

I decide to go to Halfords and buy an axle for the bike thinking I could just blunder my way through it. Uh-Uh!!

After two hours of fucking about and with a painful back sore hands, cuts and god knows what else I cannot for the life of me sort it out and those SPANNERS?!?! Well the spanners that sell them, Halfords, should be bloody shot for their design!!

Don't ever, EVER think you can change an axle and wheel bearings on a mountain bike rear wheel and especially do not do it to save money!

You have to work out where the nuts and cones should be on the axle and the quick release would push a rubber cup, or gator, up against the wheel hub on one side. On the side with the gearing, or cassette, when the cone is in place and up against the bearings both nuts are then right inside the cassette housing, so you cannot get to them with the Halfords spanners so effing useless.

So you have to take the whole axle OUT of the wheel and then GUESS where the cone should go...tighten it all up do the opposing side, put the wheel back on and hope for the best...WRONG!!

Now consider my old cycling buddy did not even like getting punctures on rear wheels due to the pain in the arse of getting the wheel off and then on again due to the derailleur and so much so he was looking at bikes with gears houses inside the hubs, like those by Roloff and the Shimano Alfine, and I can see why. Unfortunately these geared hubs are stupid amounts of money and I do not know why when 35 years ago my Raleigh Chopper had gears housed in the hub!

No imagine what the afternoon has been like for me, my fingers are sore, my hands are sore, I have cuts, my skin is stained with grease, my shoulder, back and groin now hurt and I am wound up as this is a prime example of first of all not getting help, not getting support and the pitfalls of working for FREE?!

Yes good job I am nowhere near Ian Duncan-Smith with a flame thrower.

Oh and as of right now and after all that I have no BIKE! SO that is no help getting shopping, going to council because they are evil bastards, no shopping ooh typed that. Hmm no nature trails to get content for my blogs, no pictures and no videos either so that will now stagnate for god knows how long!

Jesus Christ how can life be so bloody frustrating and miserable and with so many things going wrong in such a short space of time?!

This keyboard I bought is crap, the Ubuntu operating system would not boot up and god knows how many other items I own that play up have done so today.

Ohh yeah the Blogger Android app refuses half the time to publish and a couple hours ago after a took some pictures on the phone of the axle that is split in two the damn BLOOGER APP refused POINT BLANK to publish around thirty times?!

I am uninstalling if off my phone, it really is utter garbage and is a complete waste of my time and energy. I do not want to take pictures for a post and then type it all out only to have ot fail time after time. Such a waste of time, energy and money, lol.

I need a vacation!!

Sheesh I am going to take several pain killers to take the edge lots of edges off..

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