Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Well here is another bloody uterine example if my many rants regarding this aloof attitude if large companies and public offices on the internet?!


Now what we have here us a failure...oh I've used that one, lol.

Nope what you do have is one big organisation cutting corners from being lazy and greedy stating that the responsibility for security on THEIR SITE is down to their users?!

Meanwhile security efforts sounding like kids at a Punch & Judy convention 30pm shouting...

'oh no it isn't!'

I dare say there will be many, MANY more incidences like this as the Web attacks grow as more and more that appear to the majority as being guilty of crimes while getting let off with no punishments will enrage enough people that certain groups will react because no one else takes action?!

I would also predict that these 'GROUPS' will increase in number as will as in size. I would also warn that an increase in size if certain 'GROUPS' will allow them to actually act while making it harder to be DETECTED what with these signals having do many places and computers to bounce around working their way around three internet, lol.

Then there will be the fact that by the time they are ever caught they would poetically have the sympathy and backing if an ever growing percentage of the public.

This would inevitably mean that any detaining and imprisonment could cause a bit of a problem and THEM SOME?!

Hmm I wonder how many more names of big organisations and public offices I have covered on my many hundreds of posts on here and other blogs will end up finding themselves making up the headlines?!



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