Friday, 31 May 2013


Well I simply do not BELIEVE THIS!

Ask the things that the British Government if doing to it's own citizens, especially the disabled and those with lives of pain, and Europe do THIS?!

I am sorry but if that's not an act pricing they do not care about British Citizens then I an at a loss to know what now it's needed?!

They acts against Brits can be traced back for over 5 years and in my case 20 years and yet one sniff of and if their members NOT using us as a free ride, and when British Citizens end up paying for it literally then yes it's a free RIDE, and they are up in bloody arms about it!

Tell you what EUROPE? I challenge you to provide me with a country to live in, a home and the weekly money to LIVE as I SHOULD be able to and I will happily have to said country!

Only when you can PROVIDE this can any legal action against Britain be worth it's salt! Only then would you have any right our day whatsoever to complain!!

Speaking personally as I British Citizen I ask totally pissed off at being squeezed on one side by the British Government, squeezed on the OTHER by Europe and having people living amongst me taking what it's mine while wanting me and people like me DEAD. Whether they have the balls to come out and day it or not.

Despite the fact I do not give a shit I have to because I have a daughter and two grandchildren those futures look more and more horrific with each day that goes by.

In the meantime politicians love playing politics when they have failed to realise that their charade of making it look to their people that they are doing SOMETHING actually shows itself now for what it is.

My God they had better start noticing the smell if coffee pretty darn quick as they will ultimately be responsible, despite what they have planed to say, for the kick backs that will no doubt take place in the foreseeable future!


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