Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Right well there is something going on with both ..

Enfield Council


The Department of Work and Pensions 

as well as that of Wirral Council as appeared in my last posting, lol

I had £187 arrive in my bank yesterday. I was expecting £800 which is my rent. My Incapacity is £210, a fortnight, and I assumed it was this and I had a transaction that had failed to take place with Amazon because I screwed up as did the RBS Digital Banking YET AGAIN. Now I thought this had now gone through, being the second tyre for my mountain bike and don't laugh!!

But NO it turns out to be my rent and £613 short so appearing to be my Benefit payment which hs now failed to turn up and as usual and more so before I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!


So here is an edited screen-shot of my online statement.

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