Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Well what do you know?!

I was lying on my bed listening to the catastrophic weather that has affected so many unfortunate people in Oklahoma in the United States and I noticed the large leaflet for Gabapentin, Neurontin, and started to read it.

What do I cone across without even thinking about it? Starting dose and it clearly states that this will be between...

300mg to 900Mg?!

This had rendered both the prescribed dose as beyond reality bizarre, as the pain guy said start at 300mg daily, s will as that of the pain specialist himself who started to work UP to 900Mg?!

Before anyone jumps the gun this is started for both Peripheral Neuropathic Pain, which is what it was prescribed for in my case, and Epilepsy.

It also states the maximum is a head spinning 3600mg daily?! Whoa that amount if Ibuprofen would be catastrophic and I know this from experience!

Sound more like Paracetamol doses, lol.

So now I am totally and royally pissed off as yet again the is an about face with the NHS at every turn!

1) Give this report to you're neurologist despite the fact your not going to see him again even though he had not requested all the tests.

2) I'm more knowledge than you're pain specialist and I will override his decision as will as that if the drug manufacturer and give you one third if the weights the doctor states and one ninth what the drug manufacturer states.

3) I WILL find out what is wrong with you but then discharge you without even seeing you s second time, not getting the results from the Royal Free Hospital from you and without sending you for all the tests do I'm fecking lying to you.

But lying is ok if you work and earth shit of money, like Apple and even they stated in a hearing that tax evidence is ok.

Still sticking to the system that bright the entire globe to a stand still then I see?!

Never mine the fact that with this Peripheral Neuropathy, Large and Small Fibre Neuropathy and by the latest letter starting about nerve damage in my spine that there are indeed now THREE health conditions that can cause my long list of symptoms...

Oh wait I forgot about the Charcot Marie Tooth Disease I was so convinced I had! So make that FOUR conditions when I have had a long just of Doctors state that my symptoms cannot possibly be linked?!

Complete evil, sadistic, lying self obsessed greedy amoral tossers! The lot of them and not far off Atos on the scum level meters, lol.

I sure hope that none if the Doctors I have met over the years are religious and attend church or a Mosque as they would be hypocrites and spending an entire day each week in confession, our alternate religious equivalent, does NOT CUT IT.



1) Why have my medical records been alerted, dates changed and omissions?

2) Why have I been discharged despite not having all tests and told they will get to bottom if it and how did this Doctor recognise me?

3) Why have I been prescribed drugs for a condition a very uncomfortable test stated was negative?!

4) Why had both the pain specialists recommended dose and the manufacturers recommended dose been totally ignored?!

5) Now stop the bullshit...who is behind these decisions?!

6) Non-compliance with the least question will involve new declaring this blog and number of visitors!

7) Reaction to the above will either give me answers our actually give away the fact that they are already aware of this blog?!

Number 7 I have only ever been able to have a stab at guessing based on body language but like Steve says while laughing..."they are all treading on egg shells when your around" and just may be to do with the fact that that my inquisitive nature worried them that I will guess I am being shafted over a barrel and being told they are only taking my temperature?!


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