Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The DWP and Local Councils...don't you just love them?!

It seems after grovelling apologies from the DWP over cancelling my Incapacity Benefit that Enfield Council are still being PIG-HEADED. My rent is now overdue by several days and no sign of being paid.

NOW just like the council state that care offered is based on diagnosis while the DWP state no it is down to care only it seems that the DWP do not send out letters stating they have made a mistake and that they have reinstated your benefits but the council, who immorally and should be illegally, found out in no time at all that your benefits have been cancelled so cancelled the rent have now turned deaf dumb and BLIND when it comes to correcting their own ERROR.

Regardless of the REASONS this ERROR is that of Enfield Councils because they based a decision on someone else's error.

Also they seem to be able to very rapidly find out when your benefit has been cancelled and the WRONGLY cancelled my rent payments based on that!! After all where does it stipulate in anyway that cancellation of Incapacity Benefit therefore means you have the INCOME to pay your own rent?!?!

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Also how is it that even though I have told them three times now, and today will be a fourth along with a stupid appeal form they did not tell me I was supposed to FILL IN, and yet they seem now to be completely UNABLE to discover for themselves that you are indeed still claiming the previous benefit?!

I have told you over and over and I will KEEP telling you and showing you until you are ALL AWARE of the truth ...


I am now about to put these question to BOTH the Department of Work and Pensions along with Enfield Council!

The DWP has already been asked in an email...


Dear Sirs

NR 74 68 64 D

Both you and local councils are rather like magnets!

Opposite ends face each other when there is an excuse to screw a member of the public but when this is the other way around and even after a mistake that these public offices have made despite my telling them over and over and like the identical polar ends of a magnet they REFUSE to come together and repel each other?!

Your mistake in cancelling my Incapacity Benefit which you did three times in four months if I recall correctly also on this occasion had Enfield Council cancel my Housing Benefit.

Now this is NOT the first time they have been privy to information regarding me they should not have been, which will backfire on all in the coming months, is morally and should be illgeally WRONG but now that YOU have corrected YOUR mistake THEY have conveniently left theirs in place, despite my three attempts directly to sort this out.

Funny is it not that I get a letter to state that my Housing Benefit has been cancelled based on my IB being cancelled and yet now a week AFTER this being reinstated Enfield Council seem to have done bugger all as regards to re-instating my rent payments?!

This is despite the fact that they have had the EXACT SAME documents you have had and precisely WHY I sent you both the same documentation to see if there are yet MORE differences between you so I can use the law and solicitors TO SEVER THE LINK that now exists between Local Councils and the DWP.

Despite what you think this will be extremely easy to achieve and in all honesty Enfield Council are THEMSELVES making this extremely easy for me to achieve...

...for EXAMPLE...they have now handed me an appeal form they insist I have to fill in and hand in and yet they failed to send this to me when they announced my rent had been cancelled?!

Secondly, they are also insisting that I PROVE that you have reinstated my Incapacity Benefit and yet there has been no letter from you stating as such.

This is just ONE example of how the Local Councils and the DWP are working together but have been designed NOT TO WORK TOGETHER and making life deliberately hard for the public who themselves will react really badly in the coming months. In other words if you do not send out letters to tell claimants you have reinstated a benefit payment after an error of any kind then WHY do the Local Councils ASK FOR IT?!

Maybe a far better example is the one whereby you and Atos claim that paying DLA, or soon to be PIPS with the word Disability conveniently being swept under the carpet but not if I have anything to do with it, is NOT down to diagnosis but instead down to care. But according to Local Councils and Social Workers it is NOT DOWN TO CARE butr instead down to DIAGNOSIS?!

Oh dear! Oops!

Right now if you have not worked out what it is I am reprimanding you on and therefore going to ask, leave and go and work somewhere else as your masters are prepping you to take the fall for their evil ways and in the meantime I need a letter STATING that you have REINSTATED my Incapacity Benefit FORTHWITH!

IF it is possible for you to be so kind?


Martin Haswell BSc

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