Friday, 17 May 2013


Well it has been roughly four weeks since they cancelled my Housing Benefit and oddly they said I had four weeks to appeal.

So here we are three weeks into appealing, well actually appealing is the wrong word more telling them that if public offices can be so incompetent then the should NOT and I repeat NOT be able to share information on members of the public.

This is in itself morally wrong and I would even call into question the legalities of it too. Plus as they have all now proved they are unable to do their tasks with any competence and nor can they do it efficiently which means a great deal of times and money is wasted and yet again at the public expense, public's hard earned taxes and stress of the individuals concerned.

So out of the last three weeks or so I have sent TWO emails been in the building four times, ended up in a great deal of pain of a couple of occasions and lost my precious Fulton Atomatic Umbrella which is the only Umbrella that I have own that does NOT break in the slightest but of wind?! So that has now cost me over £20?!


Oh an on three occasions I went in I received receipts....ooh wait I have been in there 6 times as one time I was given a form, not handing something in, and I was turned away TWICE, LOL.

Anyway three visits and I received three receipts....WITH DATES and STAMPS...

...ooh I have a hilarious recording of a visit to post up too, lol.


  1. Have you asked to speak to an organ grinder and not the monkeys?

    1. Yes I can but when you ask fie someone higher than a monkey you get a monkey in a hat, lmao!

      Our more correctly a monkey in a suit and tie. I can give you names...Steve Luckcock, I kids you not, who apparently moved to another place after I kicked up a stink so badly that someone was fired and he buffered off after my reaction to a couple of patronizing and condescending letters.

      The other one is Colin Bullworthy who I will have to ask for on Monday. Will make a note if who signed off on the letter too.