Wednesday, 22 May 2013


What is it with MPs and ducks?!

Islands, Moats and now wait? Lol.

You know George if you say your things long enough, provided your still in power that is which you won't be, you WILL get it right...EVENTUALLY.

In fact talk like yours will get you into hot water as it is not MY responsibility but it is YOURS and those if you that got us into this mess!

I have said for years this was coming and never voted for you more any other government that has been in power so you can not INCLUDE ME when you state "our responsibility" because it is in no way mine!

Odd the it mentions infrastructure as I personally thought that would start a test into the recession. I guess they have different ideas to me on how to deal with it with theirs being 'same shit, different day' lmao.

The End.

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