Sunday, 26 May 2013


Right well after the recording I posted up here is a letter I was not aware I had sitting around?!

This, you will note, is stapled back to front just as my Neurology letter was when arrived not so long ago.

Also this letter states the 100mg dosage, so occurred BEFORE reaching my GP Surgery, and it also came, just as the Neurology Letter did, in an envelope without an NHS logo?!

Indeed it had sat here for several days before I opened it which is NOT what I do with letters with the NHS logo on as it could be rapidly approaching appointment? Like one I have imminently in a matter of days!

So as I edited onto page two it looks like someone intercepts my letters before they go into the post. Tsk-tsk, if there was any one single solitary person you should not perform this practise on it is ME! LMAO!

Whether this practise is confined solely to me, because of this blog for instance, or whether it is extremely widespread I do not know.

What I DO KNOW now is exactly how to deal with it. Stay tuned for that one, lol.

So as you can see, even setting to one side the contradictory nature of all I have spoken to and the odd occurrences, it is utter madness and extremely suspicious.

Now to me and just as it has done for a long time they have been up to no good at the NHS and have probably manipulated a great many naive nurses and even Doctor's, many of which probably think they are impervious to being fooled.

To be honest it would not surprise me to find out that the Enfield Primary Care Trust, or even someone higher, has been meeting with my GP to keep him in line and bullshit him because a second GP in a row realising what I know and QUITTING would just be too much to HIDE, lmao.

Funny really as sometimes I am sure they are aware of this blog and other times I think they are oblivious to it.

When I think about it hard enough I think that the top overlords are aware of this blog and are terrified that those down the chain between themselves and me will find out about it, lol.

Or even in a position to find someone that wont mind bending the rules with the right incentives, so someone they can work closer with, lol.

Of course, and if they are reading this right now they will themselves be realising, it wont make one jot of difference to the eventual outcome.


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