Friday, 17 May 2013


Hmm reason for the two phone-calls from the DWP and the grovelling apologies?!

Well it is NOT like I did not warn them!

Now this could very very interesting, Davis?! VERY interesting indeedy!

Could this be a sign that there is a now a cross-roads whereby the usual path chosen is going to be ignored by the powers that be?!

DO they now realise that not only is the game UP but has been for awhile and that they never ending and incessant stubbornness and over indulgent ignorance has simply been used against them for the longest time by the guy who waited?!

Have they now realised that from day one I had one hell of an arsenal and a master plan and that the pack we are using numbers 1,144 because I have had around two dozen aces up my sleeve and STILL working my way through them?!

Have they realised that it was so designed that the longer it went on the deeper they became deeper in the quagmire, giggety, and the harder it was for them to get out and the walls around them were growing ever taller and that they failed to look UP and notice?!

My constant appeals to those within these organisations that had any sense of decency or moral fibre have been going on for so long now that despite the fact that I always knew they would start to appear that its has still come as a shock that one has indeed done so.

I would hazard a guess that this maybe floodgate one and that if one more was to come forward from one of the huge organisations this would be floodgate two and I think a Tsunami of them will feel confident enough to come out.

Hmm does that sound FAMILIAR?!

I just sighed thinking about how much of this has gone on for several decades spanning and a few years more. I always joked that you needed to be a liar, cheat, criminal and other things besides to get on in this country find a career and a life and be accepted. Little did I realise how right I was and that this actually extended into paedophiles and rapists?!

What I found startling is that another part of society I hate has shown haw, and trying to not to swear here, how some Coronation Street fans STILL TURNED UP to get William Roaches AUTOGRAPH?!

Are there people in the world and indeed the country that engulfed in television that they are THAT brain-dead?!

I shook my head in disbelief at that.

I do not think that people should turn up screaming accusations or throwing eggs and flour and bricks and anything else with either very little knowledge other than that provided to them by the media who are also a bunch of liars on the take. That annoys me and I am dead against this and a strong believer in INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY but no one in the public has believed this is the case nor has been for some time now and that fame and money can buy your freedom no matter what.

Well until the ones that have let you roam around free have realised they have been found out and run around arresting everyone there was a slightest sniff of only succeeding in showing the public of just how many they knew about and had information from.

WHat did you think that all these people came out together along with the curious coincidence that NONE of them ever reported it in the first place?!

Ooh please...come on!

Ooh wait, your not the ones that waited outside the court to get Bill Roache's autograph?!


I know one thing for sue and that is that if this government EVER want to get this country BACK to how it was it will never happen now unless the cards are laid out on the table and that the law applies to one and all on a level playing field.

Stop claiming we live in a civilised society and start to prove it and show it.

The path to wreck and ruin is the one you are on and at the end is darkness and destruction the likes ever been seen since the days of Boudicca! If they are REALLY unlucky it might be the days of Joan of Arc or the condemning of Witches and get burned at the stake?!

Brr their is a shiver down my spine and not the one I normally get a dozen times each day, lmao.

God I would hate those kinds of days to return where the scenes in the supermarket in the Stephen King film The Mist spring to mind where everyone suddenly finds God at a moments notice and point the finger of blame on innocent people for possible redemption of their lives or souls?!

Oh God there goes another shiver up my spine, lol. People that brain-dead and sad gives me the heebie jeebies. I would hate to think people could behave like that today if society collapsed...ooh wait well if they are stupid enough to turn up and ask for autographs of someone appearing in court under accusation of rape?!


I am buying a BOAT!!

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