Tuesday, 7 May 2013


...and in more ways than one!

But on this occasion I will refer you to the pictures below of the state that the AXLE on my rear wheel has been in and since 2012 likely most of that summer too?!

The skewer, thank the stars, was bent but managed to hold together for the last year and yet I am at a loss to kow how it did this with little more than a bend in its length.

The locking nut, washer, spacer and cone nut on the part of the axle that has broken off are all SEIZED onto the metal and each other well and truly as if welded in place?!

This has been a real pain in the arse and really I should have my bike serviced once a year, but have not done this in 8 years and probably 20,000 miles.

Now remember I have several disabilities I get no bloody help or support with from anywhere whatsoever?!

This could have ended up an extremely SERIOUS accident that could have killed me and doi not think for one moment that this is being dramatic, its facts. I know because I have BEEN THERE and not only that you would not want an axle in a car snapping while speeding along a motorway as any mechanic would tell you of the outcome of the little incident?!

By the way also remember a car has four wheels and encases its occupants in metal and safety features...

..am Marin Bolina Ridge Mountain Bike DOES NOT!!!

A bit freaky it was seeing this axle and realising and I did the equivalent of a double take and thought 'eh? nahhhh...... oooh wait .... OH SHIT!!'

Also I have had to REPAIR this myself and have never done anything like thigs and normally leave it to a store. But they wanted 20 quid just to tighten the nuts in Halfords and the spanners were a stupidly expensive £10 but STILL cheaper. Only I then realised the axle was aplit so had to buy that and replace that too along with the wheel bearings on both sides and the grease.

Twelve hours of soreness, pain, cursing and spitting fire and it is finally done!! Panic stations averted for now and it seems OK and fingers crossed it stays that way?!

Despite the aches and pains I always wanted to do stuff like this with bikes but the proper equipment and in all honesty something to hold the bike upright and the wheels, on or off the bike, is an absolute necessity I can tell you that much!!

Most people I know who have had a bike all their lives cannot even stand getting a puncture on the rear wheel?! Let alone them doing anything like I just did and the wheel was on and off the bike 200 times MINIMUM before I finally figured it out!!!



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