Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Well wandered about in a daze today and did not do ANY of the things I set out to do.

I seem to have had two consecutive nights where I have had serious trouble getting to sleep and then as a direct result waking up late.

I really, really hate that but at least now it is summer time, or at least I think it is, or its not getting dark just a few hours after I wake up and get out of bed!

I am hoping that it is not down to the new drug they have given me or that if it is that it settles down very soon as I will have to start taking TWO a day this coming Friday! The following Friday I am to take three a day.

To make matters worse I am damn sure that the pain guy stated that he would start me on 300mg and raise this up to 900mg but I could be remembering that wrong. If not and this drug is causing the sleepless nights and it fails to settle in then sleep may well be something that I just go without constantly before very long.

Meaning i will then have to be weaned of this drug and then weaned onto the next one and I do now know of course that there are other drugs that do the same thing. I will probably go and find later that this drug is laced with caffeine as that is normally the only thing that causes the sleeplessness.

Hmm in fact I am going to reduce my caffeine intake again and perhaps maybe reduce it to zero for a couple of days see if that makes a difference?!

Thinking about the letters I have had while I was out, thinking about where I go from here. I had planned to get some washing liquid for laundry as well as visit PC World as well as the Doctor's Surgery to make another appointment and find out who Dr ER Yeo is?! It was on that letter from Dominick Mort which actually was not from Dominick Mort and another Doctor instead.

I want to ask about specifics to do with Peripheral Neuropathy, Large and Small Fibre Neuropathy and that these do sound like what I have now and also WHY I did not remain under Dominick Mort to have tests to confirm this?

I shall also go further into why they cannot perform medicine in this manner, dismissive and reluctant, and why this cannot be so.

I will also inform him about this blog too, finally though I do suspect he already knows.

Oh yes and of course I WILL ASK why my medical records have been altered?!

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