Sunday, 19 May 2013


How bloody convenient that this comes out now of all times?!

Yes get the French government to day the same thing and tell them to let us know how that goes?!


Good they really think the public must be naive?!

Hire is this a study by an Institute if Economic Affairs and not the National Institute of Clinical Negligence, the General Medical Council and even the United Nations?!

How about Universities even?!

I mean you would think this would have been picked up bloody years ago by a health based group? They must be all pretty inadequate if it is discovered now by an economic institute?!

This is really and should be obvious, another pack of shit shovelled pit the door by over paid morons just st the time when retirement age its being raised?!

However more interesting to Mr is that this is party if the finger pointing I have been waiting for among there groups and if I was a health watch outfit I would be pretty miffed at the insinuation that they are defunct and ineffective and an economic outfit needs to come along and do their jobs for them?!

Seems to say, or admit, they certain organisation are a waste of time and the publics money.

Maybe a health institute could perform a fiscal study of banks?! Maybe the banking industry could do a study of the state of the National Health Service? Yes like we don't inure the answers to those already?!


What stupid reports am I going to read next and why us the obvious mistake NOT pointed out in the report?!

Yes well I think I know the answer to that question and have done for sometime now.

Tory party rumblings have not gone unnoticed by me either. I think they are all fed up with being made to look completely incompetent and blatantly obvious as well as liars and tricksters.


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