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For times that span several millennia wise men have told stories of times long gone by.

Wherever man existed these stories were told. The best of those so well versed that they persisted throughout the ages and throughout changes in cultures and beliefs. The very best of these persist today and are a treasure trove they have proved to be for many an aspiring author or director to draw upon to make themselves a name and wow the audiences in search of such stories.

But what is it that draws us to tales of battles between good and evil and which side do the audience hope will win?
For a long time I thought the answer was obvious but after a time I started to wonder if indeed the answer was less straightforward than we could... or I could have prayed it would be.

Then one a man appeared from the shadows, his eyes crazed and his hair dyed an emerald green to appear like that of the lunatic villain of Batman legend, the Joker.

For a long time I asked myself that while he may have sat among people rooting for the hero of the story could he have sat there among them secretly hoping the villain would win?! Even someone as portrayed to be so hideously evil as The Joker?! Surely not?! He would always be disappointed! Always! I considered a room of a thousand strong audience and tried to imagine the possibility of the ratios of people that could be categorised along with this crazed murderer?! I mean the fact that he appears 'crazy' because of what he did does not mean that this faction would be made up solely of people with mental health issues. Of course just because someone who wrongly and stupidity takes sometimes else's life died not mean they are crazy not does it mean that someone who is crazy can and will take someone else's life. It may well be extremely hard to find someone good enough to say yay or nay, unless paid enough of the taxpayers money off course! Some people may just be immoral and evil? But personally I do not think this is the case and that should not should this be taken that they all need saving. Or rather that I think they all need saving.

With any tale of good versus evil there are some things that cannot be undone and no matter what the circumstances for evil to be born, the clocks cannot be turned back. You cannot take an individual and make him unaffected by past traumas. Never ever. Well... unless you have the ability to erase memories. But then if you can do that you then cannot imprison them because the human mind will just see us as an evil selfish society. Oh but wait... we are!

That may come as a shock to many that think everything is rosy and like many that think that everything is beautiful and therefore must be created by an imagined deity? No delusional person, it is not beautiful outside of your imagination. If a Tiger came tearing out of the Lee Valley Park forested areas and took off with a child in its jaws taken from a group of bible bashing morons while leaving a trail of blood on its wake they would not sit there and continue to think it was all God created and beautiful for much longer?! No they bloody would not!

'Delusional' is the ability to create a make believe world because the individuals mind would have extreme difficulties accepting anything else or even nothing at all.
Well that is until that Tiger congress leaping out of the first and affects YOU!

OH WAIT?!  I just remembered that last Rambo film with the bible bashers who walked into Burma... sorry no it was Vietnam?! Oh I cannot remember but they were having trouble believing in the'good lord' at the end... well those that survived, lol.

The point I make is that while we can sit here in the UK and stare at the wonders of nature the fact we can do that without being eaten, because we have lazily become the to predator on many shores, does not mean it is a living paradise. For us and in one particular spot it may well be but that which you see, even here, is in a very long never ending war to survive. Put in a list of predators that would prey on us humans and it would soon become our battlefield too. This naivety is something that has blighted the human race and in particular Britain and I for one do not know why. Almost as if everyone is truly blind, unless having lived through a very  specific set of circumstances, read horrors, and over a certain period of time?!

I would dearly love to see a documentary by a group of competent scientists asking why this is?! Maybe they could call the series 'When Psychology Becomes Interesting'?! Or possibly 'The Blight On the Human Race' or 'Blight on the Progression of the Human Race'?! Welllll you get the idea?!
Maybe it turns out that every now and then someone has to come along and go though a specific set of horror stories to show the naive people that they are indeed naive and what they are doing wrong? That may well be how Jesus Christ came about? Maybe he did exist and was just a nice guy and a prophet and was so kind that for the time or period of history that he could not be perceived to be a normal human and has to be sent by some other higher calling?!
That is often what I think when I think of religion as after all I know what cannot be the case and yet there must be something to the story for it had endured for all this time? So when a man I did not know stated after speaking to him in great depth what I went through and what I was currently involved in as well as my plans for my blogs he referred to me as that to which I am adamantly against and do not believe in at all...

'A Warrior of God!' Be Jesus!!

Well actually that was the first time I realised in our talks that he was religious! Funny as up until he said that line he seemed an upstanding and intelligent guy. Sitting in the peace and quiet in the mid afternoon sunlight among a meadow looking as if it belonged in an Alpine road side in Switzerland?! That was three years ago and oddly he said he always sits there and I am there between two and four times a week anywhere from March to October and sometimes in the winter too! I was not revelling in the idea of bumping into him again to hear any more religious nonsense. Not odd I hear you ask?! Well if you look through my British Wildlife blog you will see a myriad of photographs and more often than not these are taken within 100 yards of that spot from standing next to it to 100 yards in either direction. A large majority of the rest of them were taken within the next 2 mile radius. But I have yet to ever see him again! Honestly not a single time, not once for the next three years. This was a little while before starting my blog and I had told him of my intentions. I told him off the likelihood of getting through to people and that I had not gotten through to my own family member at the time and that I was looking at two to five years to achieve everything I wanted. At a guess! Or at least know at some point by three years that I had made the whole process inevitable. That at some point as I churned through the mire of my own past while reminiscing on horrors long since past only to live through again for the possibility of showing the society I live in that it CAN do and be better. I stated that there will be no doubts in my mind that as I allow the angers in my heart to soul over and asking my arms to my very fingertips as I type to give a detailed account to the effect it can have that people would not even so to think our ask why. Too wrapped up in their own personal trials and tribulations to stop and read while sympathising to the plight of another soul no matter how innocent. But that was NEVER what this blog was about, NEVER, LOL. It was designed to actually show what your trials and tribulations can turn into because I have already been through it. The vast majority of my own life had long since gone and I have conditions that nothing can be done about. But yes I do emphasise that the world and country that I live in what is advertised globally as one of the greatest societies in the world and EVER and yet they do everything they can, use every trick in the book, then use naivety and even incompetence so that they do not have to do a damn thing for me. Or others!

It is this that I tell you about and as well as those old stories from years gone by you also have current stories and you also have stories to come in the future too.

The whole point of the success of this blog was that they one thing it had on its side, or more accurately MY side is the one thing that cannot, I emphasise CANNOT, be manipulated. Well not yet anyway and this is TIME ITSELF. As dearly as I would love a Tardis I am unfortunately not in ownership of one. So when I want to use time as my ally it inevitably means that I simply have to wait! Well no I have to set many things in motion with the hippie of chasing them down along the way and many of which I have done many times before as I proved on here and wait!! OK. Yes so add more of you know there is actually somewhat more to it all than this too! As I told my open jawed mother I have to come up with the most dastardly plans, designed in such a way and with so many facets that before long my enemies will discover them, see that they have been in place a very long time and then realise that they cannot be beaten, at all. Not by any of them! Like an invisible force shield my plan keeps all attackers out in the cold and while they are probing these outer defences for signs of weaknesses they fail to see that right under their noses and as they are doing this that I have been alluding to the things I have done straight to them for someone now and on several occasions. Yes I have on several occasions blurted out in passing that what I do but in such a way that just how I know that each one is not listening, overly confident, think themselves out of reach, protected by the devil, these minions think themselves of a far superior intelligence to all comers, even me constantly too regardless of the BSc, lol. Yeah I did that continuously and over a long period of time was to do one thing and one thing only...(there were fringe benefits of course)...

Because I knew that while I could HIGHLIGHT the fact without any doubts that all medical staff are not interested in anything you say and therefore do not listen than I can show this too and that by the time that they raise what I have been doing and how long I have been doing it they will realise to that they will be destroyed as a public service and NO the government will NOT get to turn us into America, SORRY SERCO IF IT IS YOU THAT WAS BEING ON THIS, and privatise the entire health service. Not by a bunch of people that I have shown to be not only incompetent and dud this right under their noses but also shown that they do not know a great deal about medicine at all.


Yup along with everything else, like the lies and the  falsifications, I have been adding incompetence and amoral to the long lists!

I told you before and many to your faces that the very term of 'Doctor' means that you HELP PEOPLE!

If you so helping people you cease to become Doctors and only become serving to this as amoral and as evil and selfish as you are who in this day and age are the only ones with all the money anyway?! Lmao!!! Well that is how you thought it would remain that is for sure.

But when I started this post I referred to tales of stories long since part that have endured. Those that have endured all of these have one thing in common. They all have a common thread throughout each of these stories and if the individuals within the stories being told. These are the tales of long since forgotten battles. These battles of ages gone by are always of the same theme and that is the eternal battle between good and evil. With each one it can vary in the level of evil that has profiteered in the story. There may be small pockets at work somewhere or it may have taken over a society and in modern times made up tales show off it trying to take over the world. But as many know the takes master bit from merger they come. Be they tales of the Gods of the Ancient Romans, the Mayans, Babylonians or even Ancient Greece. Even the worst depicted bad guy of them all that solely like to wreak destructions while feeding on the bodies of his own children. Us the bad guy from the history of Ancient Greece whose children Zeus, Heides and Poseidon manage to imprison him before he could complete his wanton destruction that of Kronos himself.

There is always only one ending that creates the legends by telling the tales that get passed on for many generations and for many millennia.

The good guy ALWAYS WINS.

To run it in I can assure you that if nothing else they will tell tales about me for a long time while your names of the bad guys will unlikely be remembered, well that is other than 'the bad guys' themselves, lol.

Now they IS a something that I would not want to be remembered for and that if takes were ever told about me I would want them to certainly have me labeled as the good guy.

I only hope and pray that I do not live in a land of secret emerald haired people who suddenly turn back into feeling human beings when the cameras are around?!


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