Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Now here is something of interest.

I heard about Michael Schumacher's injury with a few hours of it occurring.

I spoke to several people about the accident and for about the days it made up a large portion of the news.

So imagine my surprise when I heard tonight that he had now been in a coma for a month?!


I thought I was dreaming! It seemed like only a week ago the accident happened?! It really does!

This happens to be from time to time and I wonder where the time went, but this was surreal. It really does feel like only a week or so and I cannot help but wonder if this is the Fibromyalgia.

But more importantly is the fact that the Schumacher accident send to have vanished from the news spotlight?!

One minute they are going way over the top she it appears to make up 90% if the news and then it seems a few weeks go by and you hear nothing at all?!

Very weird.

Is it that once the shock of it is over the news media become bored? Lol.

Schumacher 'stable' one month on

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