Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Right then and last one for today is this SALVO I finally got around to firing in the direction of the PArliamentary Health Services Ombudsman.

I think it will bring about some laughter to many and I do lie to try and bring some laughter to those normally seeing themselves as victims, lol. ;)


Dear Sirs


Further to my previous two contacts with you where you were first sarcastic about telling me once already that I need to go through the proper channels and procedures and I sarcastcally tell you that not only am I doing that already but I clearly stated that I am dealing with a great deal of both corrupt people and organisations and that therefore this was a waste of time.

Also further still to my previous Freedom of Information request you have answered and are now in the unique position of being the only Ombudsman out of 40 who is meant to see something trough regarding a complaint AFTER the request for information.

Thank you for the information by the way.

Well I have two things to tell you and that first up is that the procedures have been followed and that the GMC did something very naughty, VERY NAUGHTY INDEED!

Secondly that NHS England and the GP Surgery have handed me their reprts and are full of lies and inaccuracies and as I already told both YOU and THEM that I have already been lied to regarding an ultrasound test which I not only CAN PROVE but already HAVE PROVED!

Quite unsually there IS a third thing and oddly I had not gotten around to emailing you until today and yet I just left Barnet Hospital under yet another bloody fiasco and refusal of tratement I have wanted for bloody years and wasted my time when I got a phone call.

I receieved a call from NHS England asking if I was happy about the two reports I had received and asked me three questions about hopw satisified I was in each one. They seem to be extremely worried about the fact that I answered extremely unsatisified to all three. I was then told that my complaint is now going to be handled by ANOTHER TEAM?! Despite the fact that the report c;learly states that I would now contact you regarding this complaint.

I may as well tell you now that I am under no impressions and was well aware that all previous channels as well as with you yourselves would come to naught.

In fcat that is the EXACT reason I am doing it.

One last thing..

...turns out I have short term memory problems that are linked the the very condition that I myself diagnosed and that which I think a bunch of bureaucrats thought they could keep from me for a very long time. As well as three dozen Doctors and I guess they thought that I was no match at all for all these organisations and all these professional and intelligent people?!

They thought wrong.

So attached to this email are the notifications that the complaints process is at an end and I guess they were hoping that the short term memory problems would have me forget and then walk away from all this?

They thought wrong and when everyone finds out exactly what I did to keep on top of all this it is going to be quite some revelation that will leave a huge number of jaws dragging along the hospital and clinic floors for many years to come.

So knock yourselves out!

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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