Friday, 31 January 2014


Here is a scanned image of the letter I received from the Disability and Carers Department I think they call it, or the section that handles the DLA. Or at least, DID and now it is PIP.

As you can see the letter is dated by them on the 31st December 2013. I would have walked into the Job Centre within three or four days I think, cannot recall but it IS on here.

So that is a month almost since RECEVING the letter!

They could have quite easily NOTIFIED and sent an email to the new department?! I mean SURELY they must correspond with them?! One is taking over from the other after all so there must be liaising of some shape or form?!

But them of course they are all incompetent idiots that think highly of themselves and they have entirely screwed up the process costing millions of taxpayers money!

Funny how no one ever remarks about the wastage along these lines when theyare pointing the finger of some group or other for blame. Which I do find highhly amusing as that sector has continued for decades but now the powerful had major league screwed up the blaming finger comes out.

Oddly is that consider the example they have set us, well not mr you understand, lol. They have all these positions of power and all this education and could not get it all any more wrong than they did! The Conservaties moan now and David Cameron shoots a salvo at Ed Milliband about what Labour had done when they were in power but there are too major league missed key points from that and they are...

1) Well THEY were the shadow cabinet how come they did not fecking see it?! HINDSIGHT ANYONE!!

2) Well if I am NOT mistaken that Labour Party is unrecognisable from the last and...

3) That is all entriely for show fed to us by the media and the same old shit routine and bullshit spieling as smeone else runs the country, BADLY!! While WE pay for it!

I digress...that

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