Monday, 27 January 2014


Oh I am moving this!

An Ombudsman I previously told was a lying backtracking useless bunch of twats go and do something right up my street!!

The ASA, or Advertising Standards Authority told me, email out letter is on here, that it is perfectly OK for a big company that owns at least THREE mail order catalogue, Shop Direct, are perfectly within their right to sell you a second hand and faulty one year old phone for the price of a new one without the interest!!

Funny ASA as you started off saying not is out of order and then once you contacted them you changed your minds?!

Funny too is the fact that my reasoning was backed up by a court leaving you... POINTLESS.

But then I knew this when I contacted you!

Now here you are banning Three Mobile from using the term 3.9G when not only had this been used before but this EXACT term is used in America perfectly OK where EE happen to do business!!

Three Mobile is the smallest of the UK mobile networks while EE is note the biggest by a county mile!!

Funny that?! Don't you think?!

All because EE are being fecking greedy over their rental costs also by a country mile, they seem to like country miles, and no one is buying into the bullshit because they have in recent times been caught throttling the older networks, not have 3G working properly and also not covering all areas even in LONDON?!

They also litre to you on the phone a dozen times over before admitting that a data cable was repaired wrongly and then did nothing about it fur the next for years and is STILL like this today?!

And YOU, the ASA, want the public to think your doing something for the tax you have been defrauding us out of and THIS is what you do?!


Three banned from claiming its network is "3.9G" -

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