Friday, 31 January 2014


Well I finally had no other choice than to go back to the DLA department but then they have not sent me they backpayment form anyway?!

So two birds, one stone and all that.

In the meantime it was time to shake that bag of wild cats and open it up to show them the ship's Rats and let them fly! As you will see below.


Dear Sirs


A while ago I asked you for two things, one is how to applay for PIPS and another is a form for back payment of DLA that you wrongly refused repeatedly.

Now as I already told you I have a blog and that blog will achieve the goals I set out for it to do.

Also as I contact you or any other DWP department it gets posted....everything I do and everything I say in any way shape or form gets posted, because I am honest and truthful and factual about all the things that I do and all the things that I say.

Now over time with all that I have covered only one person on that entire blog is going to look innocent, genuine, honest and been through a great deal of crap that has killed mahy before me while all the others look like any of the following...


I am particularly proud of that last one!

You answered ME instead of passing the email on to the new PIPS department telling me I need to call them.

I walked into my local Job Centre who disagreed and said it needed to be done online and after him repeating himself several times, I do love it when idiots think their job makes them intelligent, I then showed him your letter. He then gave me access to a phone.

I got a mesage telling me the number you gave me was WRONG! SO I cannot be the only one.

I then spoke to a chap who asked a series of questions and then stated that a form was on its way, I RECORDED that conversation and you know you REALLY SHOULD rake a closer look at my blog!

That has failed to arrive and curiously the button to email the JOb Centre Plus does not work?!?!

I have since read reports that you have all been deliberately misleading new claimaints, wait untilo they realise about the rest of it lol, so that the deliberately miss interviews so that you can then scrap their claim?!

Ooh how so very inhumane and typical of you.

Now I would like you to PASS THIS EMAIL on to the Chief Operating Officer, who I have corresponded with previously and do not recall his name, as well as the PIPS Department, if you so please!

Oh and if you doubted me before let me exlain something to you...

After literally explaoding the NHS apart from the inside out I had just left Barnet Hospital when I recieved a call from NHS England, NHS HQ to you. The week before I had recieved two bogus reports full of lies and misinformation telling me my OFFICIAL COMPLAINT had been dropped. 

A couple of days after this I dropped in a nine page letter not only explaining matter of factly and strictly to detail what I had done and what was ON THE BLOG, which I hinted at before knowing that all involved were so arrogant and over confident they would not bother to look!

Three or four days later and there I am on a bus when NHS England phone me pretending to be doing s urbvery on my going through their complaints procedure and I told them straight, no arguing just that what I had been telling them was the truth. It was obvious they were fishing and had just been told that I had been secretly recording conversation for the last three years plus!

Do you want to know what they did next? The RETRACTED BOTH REPORTS and will be handling it again and curiously in a different department this time?!

So what that was not really the complaints department that dealt with it? Or maybe things are so bad that you have two or more complaints departments?!

They reacted like this because I did what I said I would and proved what I had stated all along in that a UNHOLY TRINITY, as I call it, was set up to screw the British Public blind. The NHS was at the heart of it followed by the DWP and Local Councils and that all three were being manipulated to not do things and save money.

What none of you stopped to think about that was not only was this fraud on a gargantuan scale but defrauding the public purse at the worst possible time ever. Simply because you are NOT doing what you are paid to do and also breaking equality lws and well as human rights laws in the process. Worst of all you have sytematically been doing this to disabled and sick people and there is now absolutely nothing you co do to stop me.

Oh you think there is?

Well of the 70GB, that is Gigabytes and not Megabytes, of DATA that I have proving this a thousand times over it is all freely available to download and listen to and I also tell people to hold onto the data in case there is an attempt to close me down. That boat has since sailed the stormy seas.

There have been 100,000 visitors in 18 months and I am told that is good and that my blog is popping up all over the place now. In 18 months time you could easil;y place a zero on the end of my current number.

Oh and tell the idiots in government that the INternet IS GLOBAL?!

Oh and one last thing, if you were so certain of yourselves where are the letters of accusation from you telling me you have films of my playing in the world cup final...playing in Wimbledon....winning the Ashes in crcket dut o my level of fitness! Or even climbing a ladder as you have troed so very hard to make all benefit claimants look like low life cheats when iin reality it is only a tiny fraction of those claimants!

Good luck in 2014, your gonna need it!


Martin Haswell BSc

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