Wednesday, 29 January 2014


NI have complained about corruption and corner cutting for some time now.

I have told you stories right across a very broad spectrum.

I knew that eventually this shoddy behaviour would reach done dizzying heights and names but nothing could have prepared new for this?!

Now you have to understand I love flying and I love aircraft. I wanted to be an RAF pilot when I was a kid.

What I was unaware of back then us that I had a great grandfather who was a test pilot for the firm Avro. But he died in a plain crash with a forerunner to the Lancaster called the Manchester. He avoided a built up area and went into some trees.

While at my grandfathers funeral we tried to fine his grave I Fleet in Dorset but could not find it. His name was Reginald Kirlew. Now my grandfather had the same name but one had the middle badge of Edward and the other Arthur. Cannot recall which way around it is.

I have spoke about him before and stated that I wonder what he would make of the country he gave his life for. I think not very much.

So imagine what he would make of this...dodgy safety seats which was known by the manufacturers and the Royal Air Force?! Good God now the RAF?!

Just unbelievable, really unbelievable.

Red Arrows seat mechanism 'useless'

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