Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Well note this IS interesting.

After seeing that site regarding courses for common purposes whereby you seen to have to be a member of an ethnic minority to be eligible, I received this.

Of course this has come from an elf!

Now what made absolutely made no sense at all now makes more sense when you read the webpage at the end of the link that has been sent to me.

There are two words that sporting to mind concerning this after a quick skim through, skin thrive are all I ever manage most of the time Lol.

First the word that sprang to mind was grooming and then second later it was conditioning. The website suggests this kind of brainwashing but that this being conditioned were unaware.

Now what I note think of is the following...

Conditioning and brainwashing does not work well at the best of times. But I think that with the ethnic minorities they normally belong to one faction or another and mostly religious. Now IF this is done sorry of Homo superior attitude to brainwashing youngsters belong to certain factions starting with, say, the letter 'M' then this is utterly, UTTERLY fecking thick and guaranteed to go wrong in the worst possible way! This will then be yet another in a long line of feck ups by cocks that think themselves superior with different colour blood who will yet again not have to pay for it while the poor and completely unaware pay for it.

One had to wonder when those that grant these powers which invariably get abused for personal gain will EVER realise what is REALLY going on and decide they are NOT going to hand over these powers anymore?!

Of course this means that a fourth option needs to present itself?!

Hmm yes let us refer to it as that for the next year... THE FOURTH OPTION.

When you want to stop the abuse and possibly even reveal the abuse you have to rely on a number of things or a number of bodies. But everything is so fecked up, corrupt and twisted that you simply do not know where to look or turn to.

Now there are two things that are supposed to be there for US. But these are the very things that I have been showing that are paid by us to be there for us but are actually helping the corrupt be corrupt. Oops!

First off you have the Ombudsman and as you can see from my endeavours they do very little, unless faced with a scenario whereby it might look iffy of they do not.

Now what I did was to mention in passing what I had but only briefly in a long correspondence. I did this with all and my guess was that each one would pass it over for whatever reason...

I am but just one man.

I am bullshitting.

Etcetera etcetera.

The second thing you have to rely on for these things is the news media...

... only despite how shocking an article might be how do you not know that it may well be being used to hide something a great deal worse with far greater implications to us all?!

Put simply you do not and neither do I. However...

IF you have been around enough of this blog you will not that I have set out to achieve some very amazing things. I also always for exactly what I expected and sometimes far more than I expected.

You know that more than enough of this is published here along with the audio, scanned letters, emails and even video on s few occasions.

You will also know that I sent all my early stuff to various news media groups two years ago.

You will know that I have collected a great deal more evidence and data since then but I left out one small detail. I never sent anything from here to the news media groups since the blogs inception.

Yet despite what appears in the various media formats my letterbox does not knock, my phone died not ring or receive a series of texts and not is there a queue of emails expressing thanks.

Not even one of shock. Week except for The Jeremy Kyle Show who said our story was far too horrific for them?! When your told that you then day week where are all the reporters beating down your door?!

So how can I take anyone in the news media seriously when they shock emotions like shock, heartbreak, disgust, empathy, sympathy or anything else that they show on a daily basis?!

I don't. But then I have not for a very long time because I realised that 100% of the time in my experience I had been wrong to trust anyone. It occurred to me that this was a pattern that was going to stay. For a long time to.

So everything I set out to do and did do was based on the theory that this blog would run for a couple of years. In this time visitors would see what occurred before hand while at the exact same time as the blog lived and breathed that the dead ends and refusals would continue unabated.

No matter WHAT I had to hand I knew that 99.9% of the time that I would be refused and they would NOT even think to ask to even LOOK at what I had?!

At any point I could have capitalised on what I had done. I could have TOLD THEM about this blood and given them the web address?! But I did not. Because I wanted it to run and run and continue to do this for two years while I kept trying to get the support I deserved. For what? ...

1 My disabilities
2 Fur what they have put my daughter and me through
3 For the physical attacks and defrauding of thousands of pounds
4 For deliberately lying to me and leaving me homeless
5 Because unlike the myriads of overpaid Ombudsman that do nothing nor help anyone that I have spent the last 18 months going and the next year doing and for free
6 When I could have blackmailed any one of them at any point in the last 18 months if only to get what I deserved all along

Only this won't change the world for the better. It will not make the country I once loved a great country once again that my daughter and my grandchildren could have a life in.

Once the Freedom of Information requested are all done along with a few other things I have to finish up I should spend the later half of 2014 setting my plans having a much more noticeable effect. Fingers crossed!

But right now I have spent the evening wondering why I have not had my Personal Independent Payments form arrive in the post?! I walked into the Job Centre and rang them on their own phones! I spent thirty minutes on the phone too!

Oddly I announced by email to the DLA that I was now going to spend 2014 destroying them and watching them all get locked up for carrying out their masters orders, lol. I then starred they could avoid it by giving me a firm for back pay for what they owed me. I even suggested that instead of going back the 15 years plus that I could out the 13 years since I started requesting help that an offer of the last 6 years might let them off the hook?!

I have not had anything through the door from them either! Lol!

So now with both PIPs and DLA I am going to have to resort to my old trick of a barrage of emails and normally about fifty sends to do the trick! Lol.

As for this Common Purpose the very name makes me laugh. Whose common purpose are they referring to and I would suggest that for it to be referred to as 'common' trends to suggest that it is common knowledge?!

But I myself have only just found out about this!


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