Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Right now then....3 days later and I am at Barnet Hospital a little early.

So I go into the hospital in the hope that I might get seen early and my ear is still in pain and I still have little to no hearing ability on my right side. The Ear, Nose and Throat section of Barnet that no one else told me was there is right behind the reception area!

Now for those who have paid attention as well as read enough, for others do a search on here, I have already attended Barnet Hospital whereby the first attempt to label me as a violent patient so that they could REFUSE to see me...FAILED MISERABLY.

I had to arrive an hour earlier that the appointment with a Julian Livingstone and a Dr Day, or Dr Ray I cannot recall which.

I was interviewed for an hour by two head of department and this was a woman called Katherine Johnson, Head of Surgery I think she was, and a Mr White who was Head of Security but I did not buy that for a second.

Half way through I then state that I realise what this is and that they are insinuating that I am violent so that they can the refuse me treatment and they both immediately deny this!

There are several problems with this that all involved did not bargain for...

A letter arrived the following day at my home, posted just prior to me arriving the day before so how they thought I would get it before hand I have not the foggiest but turns out neither have they. This letter CLEARLY STATED exactly what I accused them of which they denied in the interview?!?!

Now that letter IS ON HERE.


Julian Livingstone and Dr Ray give me a completely different diagnosis to all that have gone before and turn out later to both be wrong. They also lie to my face and I know this immediately the words leave their lips...

I ask why they are bothering to do an X-Ray and they say they are looking for the heel spur! I say the spur has nothing to do with Plantar fasciitis and he states it DOES! I insist it does not and then explain to the resident podiatrist Julian Livingstone WHY IT DOES NOT!

I am then discharged immediately and ask why as I believe that my knee, hips, feet and other pains are all one and the same thing. He states that it is NOT possible for this to be the case. I find this odd as when I was in their surgery they were investigating my feet. Nothing unsusal in that you might say except I went there about my KNEES!!

I later find TWO conditions that prove that both Julian Livingstone and Dr Ray lied to me on that day and these are Charcot Marie Tooth Disease plus the one I know I am afflicted by of Fibromyalgia. If there are any OTHERS I know not.

Now this means that all four so-called PROFESSIONALS lied to me that day. ALL FOUR!!

I dargged my sorry arse all the way over to Barnet only to be led into a trap and lied to!!

Well I say TRAP but the trap was sprung far too early and it was THEY who were caught in my own trap and I was half expected an incompetent attempt to entrap me. Sorry not one cigar between the four of you!

So that was the last time I was there and here is a little prequel recording...

...of me going up to a humungous desk for four or more people but only one guy sat there and I know not who he is but looks like he is where he should be.

Turns out it is the ENT desk but they are all out and not back until 1.30pm. But he is Ophthalmology which is to do with the eyes and I ask if I will be seen early if I come back at 1.30pm, as my appointment is for 2am.

You would think that sittig behind the same desk all day with the ENT staff he would KNOW but it becomes obvious he is in need of Audiology when he sarcastically tells me he does not work for ENT.

Of course I should have noticed the 2 feet wide neon sign flashing on his head?!

So I have spoken to 5 people in BArnet Hospital all of which could have been given a damned good thrashing, as Stephen Fry would say, because of their attitude, lies and trickery. They say that I AM THE BAD GUY?!

Well here is that very short recording and do I blow up and scream my head off while calling him names and threatening to break his jaw?!

No, I just thank him and not even sarcastically and leave!

Big Ears Part 2


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