Saturday, 25 January 2014


I am afraid it's likely that only older British and Irish possibly will get the title reference here, lol.

For those that do not know it comes from an old advert for the KitKat chocolate confectionary. Some guys or women would be working hard under stress. Then the coffee or tea break would come where they would get some respite. Then one would grab a KitKat and you would hear someone say 'Have a break...' then the chocolate fingers would be snapped in two and then you would hear '... have a Kitkat.'

I am not speaking of the chocolate confectionary of course! Well not the actual chocolate confectionary but the Google Android Operating System version that was named KitKat. Whether or not money was changed hands over this and whether this is right or wing is never here not there.

Another surprise is I have not used Kitkat and this is not a review of it, unfortunately. In fact this is why it states I have not had my KitKat. However I do need to explain why I have had no break!! Lol.

Before I do that I will describe briefly my last two Android devices. Both manufactured by Motorola one I loved and was indestructable, that was until I broke it, and another that was supposed to be the most powerful smartphone on Earth, but is faulty, slow, used, secondhand and I often want to hurl at a wall!


Now there came with one or other particular version of Android. Now I do not recall the version on the first one, the Defy, updating at all. The second one, the Atrix, updated immediately and never updated again!

I am presently using, to type out this post and most others of late, an Advent Tegra Note 7 Tablet PC. Which I bought before Christmas. It is still January and yet this device, which stated off with Jellybean I think, has now updated the times?!

Now one of the reasons I opted for this device and Android to try and continue and expand my work online was due to a big hooha over Kitkat. The owners of Kitkat, Nestle I think, were even reported to have paid money to have their chocolate paired with it. They said it was more streamlined while better and faster in every way.

I am always of the belief then when technology journalists start to make big hoohas over something new it is either revolutionary or everything that went before was actually garbage?! Now as one of the magazines I bought to read about KitKat and brought my attention to it was Android Magazine and the entire cover artwork was in the theme of the Kitkat confectionary chocolate wrapper! So yes a hoohar indeed!

As some of you know very recently I have been livid with this device and it has crashed, several spoofs do not work properly and all force close. Quite bizarrely these are also been Google's too?!

So the device updated almost immediately, well after a few hours, and I thought 'bloody hell it updated to KitKat already?!' but no. It was just on top of Christmas when it updated again. I thought 'finally I have been updated to KitKat!!' ... but no! By this time I was using the device a great deal for typing. I was also having a lot of issues too. But I could not tell with absolute certainty that it was wise now than before it updated but I would put money on it that this was the case.

Tonight I switched the tablet on and I received a message to stare that there was yet ANOTHER update available! It stated that this one was to fix stability issues among other things. When I started it it then started optimising apps, which I had never seen an update do before. This took about ten minutes too and I was interested to see if the issues stopped? I had to ask myself...

Why in the hell have there been so many updates in such a short space if time?!

If the issues I had were down to that LST update, last and so with the fecking LST replacing the word 'last' issue and deck knows what LST is?! Oh yeah so why and how the hell did that last update get released?!

So I am finally on KitKat... well, NO. I might remind you that the title states I have still had no Kitkat?!

This device was advertised by all as receiving Kitkat.

In just over a month I have received three updates and still not on KitKat when my two previous devices received one between them over three years?!

An interesting comparison, don't you think? Note I have to wonder if oddities like this have ever been reported by these technology journalists that want you to now pay a bloody small fortune and every body month for their magazines?!

And if not, THEN WHY NOT?!


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