Friday, 31 January 2014


LMFAO you will find this one funny...

Now having reached the one hundred thousand post I was thinking if the things that will likely happen this year and wondering whether to just WAIT for them or actually find some time to contact them myself.

One of those was literary agents and/or publishers.

I was about to close down my hotmail page when I spotted something and was half way through a bottle of Krystal, metaphorically speaking of course, when I read the whole thing...

I mean yeah I figured that if I was at this long enough that maybe sonmeone would be interested in printing my stuff?

I mean I did all this that is on here, I wrote three books, two on all this and can write a third too. I have attracted 100,000 visitors and this is rising all the time. I had long planned to try and break into being an author!

However I never thought in a million years it would be about politics and corruption! I never dreamed I would be running around recording all of these corrupt and lying people either! Hell, I did not even know the corruption was as bad nor as widespread as it was!

If someone had come to me ten years ago spouting all this I would have dismissed them as crazy. Well that is why I decided years ago to record it all before making a right tit of myself online, lol.

I had started writing a multi book science fiction set as that was what I always wanted to do, and would you believe it five chapters into that books I still posess the public services come along again and turn my life upside woen and yes I was a Fibromyalgia sufferer nback then and long before. Cheers NHS, lol.

Just for a moment there and just at the worst possible time I get sent this damned email, fancy sending emails out to aspiring authros with the words "three book deal offer"? Especially to someone that has WRITTEN three books and techinically can write three and have long stated as much on here all in the corrption area?!

I just had the bloody other email about being a Senior Medical Writer too?! Lol, are they taking numbers and getting in line?! Bring it...ON!!!


It is that PESKY test once again, naff off!! Lol!

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