Friday, 31 January 2014


What a bloody rotten winter we have had in the UK.

I feel sorry for all those poor people who have been flooded out, God knows what they must have been thinking and feeling towards those who were supposed to help.

The fellowship that this nation was once proud of truly has gone down the drain and it is a dog eat dog world and the are no dogs about!

Such a shame.

It has also been driving me nuts, the days are so miserable and I am bored to tears. I was intending to go out but had nowhere to go. The house is in a mess so in the end I thought I would stay in. But staying in has problems that equal those of going out! Except when the wather is OK for cycling.

Also I wonder how all the people that cycle to work are coping?

I mean London, or anywhere vuilt up for that matter, is a bloody nightmare at the best of times and trust me I was knocked down by a car badly enough to be knocked unconscious, woke up wondering why my mattress felt rock hard and then realised, stood up dragged myself to the edge of the road to get out of the way of any other trafiic with dozens of people running towards me before the pain in my right torn thigh had me pass out for a second time?!

At this point most people would say that they were unlucky to be alive!


Due to the horrors I have endured and the reapted swift kicks to the gonads and the childhood I ended up giving my daughter and the deifferent pains and health conditions that mounted up from that day that the NHS consistently failed to diagnose then I would so, NO!

I was unlucky to survive!


No rmeaining in has its own downsides some of which would be the obvious ones and a whole host of them not obvious and unique to me.

So I have been playing music via my laptop, found a form for an freedom pass I did not know I had and filled it in. Then I scanned the pages to it to show what I stated in the form. As always felt that tiny Twitter sized box was not enough so typed out a letter.

Every now and then looking at the window as the rain splashes against it and wondering if the waether is EVER going to pick up at all?!

The other day the sun was out and a bus was coming down the road towards me and it looked very weird. I mentioned it to some friends and they agreed. Seeing everything brightly lit up by the sun was really odd and made you realise just how long you had gone without seeing the sunlight!

Mind you even if I could get out I have no money to spend...again, lol. First time I had some proper cash available to me from my last payment and I had to get that Kata bag! Despite the current realy shitty weather it simply HAS TO break soon?! WHen it does I can reume my normal duries of out on the bike and cycling around with my Tablet PC and Bridge Camera and go on the hunt for anything and everything that I can do a piece on in my blogs!

Also I can hang out in the nicer places and do some typing and posting and I simply have to get some better inspirations this year! Oh and I must do something about getting some arty photos...err for more arty photos blog, lol.

As for the last few blogs and in particular that letter to the cOuncil over my lack of Freedom Passes. Well that one presented itself to me when I found the form I still did not know I had and do not remember it arriving. But that is one letter and I have planned two more, in FACT I have already typed out one and have already printed out another!

A couple more of the growling big cats will be out and among various Pigeons by the end of next week!

So I hope that what may be becoming clear now is that I have forced them into a corner and have done so over several years, making sure every single escape route had been cut off to them all.

It kind of has this idea to it that makes them realise that they cannot do this any longer, the secret is out so to speak and start treating people like human being again. Welll that is until the usurpers come, whoever they may be, and hopefully set up a much better system, or set of systems.

I could do a better job most of the time blindfolded!!

No? Well have I not spent the last 18 months PROVING THAT?!


Hmm had better do some more tidying up I guess?

Oops except I just remembered that little video?! Lol...

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