Friday, 24 January 2014


Just for those paying attention with a need for detail...

My listening device was not put into play today. Because somehow I made a mistake with a date and around the same time as something a bit out of the ordinary taking place.

First off I was heading out the door when I noticed the NHS paperwork stated the date of the 25th. I had to look at it again before checking that today was indeed the 24th before checking again that today was a Friday. Because it now seemed that as well as somehow making a 24 hour error on the time of the scan it also was taking place on a Saturday. So yes I was confused and thought most departments not in operation on Saturdays, I guess I was wrong.

However this was only part of it because a week I would rather forget seemed to end with a series of conversions I would rather have not have had. Added to this I have been gradually heading down hill with my energy levels each day.

Today I had a member of my family that I thought finally understood, but who I predicted would not like or be able to accept what I had done, argue with me for several hours on my mobile?!

They felt the need to tell me that along with my 100,000 visitors that I was wrong and that I needed to allow everyone an opinion and the people had a right to their political beliefs. Annoyingly when losing an argument this person then talks over you to prevent you from having your say. Them makes excuses to get I off the phone. The basis for their argument?

That I and hundred rushed people were wetting because people have and should be given a right to have their say because twenty loony lefties in a room years ago told her she was right?!

So her twenty loonies eye more important than my hundred thousand people. That I had to let everyone have their say and opinion, which is totally the opposite to what I had planned and would not have worked as it had not for her. Then refused to listen when I tried to explain that this is NOT what a BLOG is, nor is for. Trying to then prevent me from showing she was wrong for forcing unfounded and tested and failed methods upon me she then stars age was not referring to my blog. Getting fecking pissed off now I am raising my voice because it is the same old shut none of us can stand b star died not get, nor care about. Forcing a brother to wheel spin his car to race of as she was applying the same kind of pressure to him recently I was getting annoyed. On that occasion she was telling him that he should not go home to his such puppy, so aloe it to die, because she was ill too.

But the fact is she has been ill for our entire living years and always had to complete on everything. When not competing with is she tries to get us to compete with each other even when we are alone with her?! Or she is stating that we are always competing when we are so are not.

Technically she had single handedly divided my family beyond all recognition since my father died and had the cheek to say that she runs and hero's the family. Then she blows a gasket when we do not do as she expects.

The odd thing about it all is she does not want us to be successful in any way shape our form. Unfortunately fur my siblings it had taken them longer and so are more bitter and short tempered about it. Well now that is. But I told them all, each and everyone that when I started this three years ago and that as I edged closer to my goals that several things will happen.

In the beginning will be the defeatist, telling me I am wasting my time and that what could I do on my own that her beloved SWP could not besides having it explained that they are seen as fruitcakes.

Later on add it starts to appear that I might actually get somewhere I will have her left wing views forced upon me and my endeavours, residing this will have her complaining that you do not give a sit about her life everyone else and no one had taken any notice. But she had NEVER got it right which is why we never listened. I will get angry about this because for me it's not about the myriad of different political views which are all bollocks anyway as everyone just tells you what they think you want to hear and then do something completely amoral. Also I am not political it for me is about right and wrong, truth and lies and nothing more. Complete resistance to this will result in insults and name calling about me thinking I am right all the time which has gone on all my life and she also did to my father all his life too.

The truth is it kind of wears you down and you get very tired of it to the point you just do not want any contact with them anymore. But this would result in the same balling about no one cares when the truth is it is she that does not care.

She experiences some very mild symptoms. The symptoms she has, which is around two or three, are in reality nothing compared to what I have had for years and I knew she would not like this either. I spent years hiding most of my ailments from everyone and only spoke about the obvious problematic ones.

I knew that when the truth of my condition comes out she would not like that either and will still show proof that she does not really care despite what she accuses everyone else of.

Now when she started an argument today I was trying to get out to do things I need to do. I had made a mistake on the scan date meaning I could get other things done. I intended to visit a friend store first but put that of because an hour later I am not only still on the phone but now having her political opinion being forced onto me and this blog. I tried to state that if they were so good and so right they would have succeeded years ago. But they did not. My brain is now informing me that she is trying to get her views mentioned, which are completely barmy in all honesty, so she can go running back to the loony lefties to get a part on the back.

In fact I could sum up her whole life as searching for parts on the back and will make everyone life a bloody misery to get it, though she is often wrong.

Well only today she thought 20 loony lefties was a bigger number than a one hundred thousand string cross section of society?! So not only had mathematics 101 gone out the window she was then telling me not everyone will agree. Annoyed I then said if your talking about your two dozen loony lefties then I think I can survive without them.

She did not like that.

It gets worse as she states she does not like the rich and attacked my landlord for owning houses. Yet when I stated that you cannot attack landlords that have bought houses lately because they make no money, add the rent dies not cover half the mortgage payments she brushed this aside and just wanted to attack.

I then stated that she was only interested in attacking people who had things that she did not.

I realised then that this was get problem.

Meaning that I was right when I told other family members that when my endeavours get closer to there conclusion and it becomes obvious that...


I had better become extremely stealthy when that time comes around?!

Well that is until I pull off the first in a series of magic tricks!

As a result my hold up for that three hour conversation that was a row for over an hour that...

My feet started to hurt badly...

I forgot what I left the house for...

I ended up in the wing oust if town...

When I did remember, caffeine free TEA, I then bought several things in Tescos including Tea for a mate and somehow forgot my own caffeine free tea bags. Could not so anywhere else and focus so never looked at anything and was still on the phone while it TK Maxx anyway so could not focus.

Like another member of the family they did not bat an eyelid over the NHS England call, meaning they were not happy they will look very wrong before very long.

No one asked about the tests I had our whether I had, had the follow up tests performed or what they were.

Was not asked if I had my letters about Fibromyalgia referral.

Was not asked anything about my daughter not grandchildren.

Now personally I like to think that what I can show from this behaviour is that...

This is what the shit that is government...

The shit that is public offices and local government...

The shit that is the overpaid health service who have the AUDACITY to call themselves Doctors, Nurses and helpers of people actually do to people in the long run.

Make everyone just as selfish and add unfeeling and amoral as THEY ARE!!

Even your own family members..

Because your job, career and bosses and evil wankers you work for are more important to you than those close to you.

What annoys me is that people are native and stood enough to buy into this crap to which I recently saw someone use a word to describe people..


With these coming in sub categories of..













A long time in the making... Or typing that last one, lol!

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