Thursday, 30 January 2014


Well, lol.

Mr Cameron just had not learned to either keep his mouth shut our do some research before you do open the food gates.

Modernising laws?! Being able to MONITOR peoples activity?! Have you not watched the fecking news you halfwit?!

Sorry but it drives me wild sometimes the things people say that are stupid.

Right first off NOT a good thing to say, so wrong and at the worst time with like a year our so before an ejection. Thick, just thick but then he cannot go past a pub loo without losing one of his children?! Lol!

Now just holds up there a second Mr used the word 'MODERNISE'?!


Modernise? Hmm now I wonder possibly if I was to compare say the age if the Internet to say....maybe...the laws governing BAILIFFS?!

I am sure that many people Pitt there will now find a while list of laws 50 years to 100 without being...


Funny that if you get this you may get the jump on someone like me POPPING UP and snuffing them out?

Cameron plans fresh push on web data

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