Sunday, 19 January 2014


Forenote: Right now I am back on Windows 7 which simply just works. Come to think of it it is probably the only one that simp0ly just works?! Well apart from migrating over to a company I once admired but now just greedy and evil like they all tend to end up?! LMAO!
Well it has been a long time coming but I have worked on the first figures, or at least the first figures I was given a some were missing, more accurately not provided.
These are on the Freedom of Information Requests I... REQUESTED,  LOL,  some weeks back about a week before Christmas 2013.
Now if this works correctly I will have to do this first one via a screen shot. Copy and pasting just ended up a mess, no keeping off layout formatting like in MS Office, oh well.
Notes this was created and figures worked out visa a spreadsheet as will all the answers to the requests. The spreadsheets underlying formulas were used to calculate salaries,  which were taken as an average between lowest and highest in a given pay band, multiplied by the numbers employed.
This first one is for...
A little unique this first one as I have contacted then previously but only now am I about to go through the entire process and the way to failure/excuses (delete where appropriate lol).
Or in other words you can see how much tax money is wasted before you see the failures. Lol.
Remember the figure listed as total is for salaries ONLY and does not include cost of running their offices not their accommodations and other expenses.  Other figures were provided a regards these but no time period and figures looked ridiculously low for my tastes. So disregarded them.
Remember those is one Ombudsman that Orestes from only two offices. Salaries ONLY on this occasion.
Some have more than two offices and sure one had about 6.

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