Saturday, 25 January 2014


I am recording.

I have come to Chase Farm Hospital for that ultrasound on my kidneys.

The appointment was for 2.15pm and it is now 2.45pm.

Now stay with me here a moment...a chap had just been called in whose appointment was 2.45pm?!

While being called the chap who had just day down was told that he will be called in ten minutes. He then turned to me and told me I would be called in twenty minutes?!

When you listen to the recording you will note that a while before he came out I spoke to a member of staff walking by and said that my bladder is hurting and I won't last much longer?!

I also appeared to be the only one with this difficulty despite drinking what they told me 30 minutes before the appointment and but an hour because I would never make it!!

Yes you read that correct.

So out of curiosity I struck up conversation about bladders with the man who has been sitting here 5 minutes...

..turns out he did but have to drink any water!!

Do how the FECK does it work that I turn up exactly when asked, a man whose appointment is 30 minutes after mine gets called in before me then a guy that arrives 30 minutes after I do gets seen before me and I have been left here in fecking pain?!

I plan to put this question MOST DIRECTLY to him when he calls me in!!

You can be bloody certain of that and you will hear THAT on the tape!

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