Monday, 20 January 2014


Oh crap!

What a horrible, horrible thing to have happened!!

Absolutely disgusting behavior and the reputation is sinking lower and lower like that of a lead balloon.

This animal like behavior of men that are our a lower life form than dogs had already ended up in the gutter and now it has happened to a Danish woman it will cause one hell of a row.

Oddly the lower than a dog like animals are Indian and I am really disappointed in them in all honesty.

I only hope that the victim managed to reach a point whereby she can live on with something resembling normality?

I for one know only to well that you can never ever escape the horrors that life, or in my case a list of public services, throws at you. You only learn to deal with it in time but it still leaves its impression on you. Even if this is something that is done to someone you know and means the world to you,  you can never get over it even though it was not you directly that it happened to.

Danish woman 'gang-raped' in India

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