Monday, 20 January 2014


While listening to a news report that had stated that mental health suffers have been tested like crap for too long along with mentions of this ending I did a Google search.

It was good to hear that mental health suffers have rained some recognition at long last and I will not stop bashing them over this on here. I will keep an eye out and will find a way to keep my finger on the pulse of these developments,  so too speak.

What I searched for is a drug called Sodium oxybate which used mentioned throughout my book on Fibromyalgia.

It mentions that it is used for narcolepsy.

This drug is meant to put you into a deep sleeping for longer or in the car off Fibromyalgia suffers giving you the sleep you were unaware you want going without?! LMAO!

It is mentioned on this NHS site I have linked in to this post and it fills me with confidence that this will be the drug I am prescribed?! I am rather eager to receive this drug because it sounds a full gone conclusion that this will be life changing!

I have also made some notes about changing three good I buy too. More of the things that are good for Fibromyalgia and less of the things that are bad. I also have a short list of supplements to buy too but will have to see if the NHS covered then first,  as these are all extra expenses when I lost £130 per week to live on about 5 years ago now.

Also of note today in the news is yet another subject I have covered on here many time previously. In fact I have aired my utter shock at the realisation of just how rife this practise is and how immoral it is a well as should be bloody illegal.

Oddly this DIRECTLY linked to my condition and I really must spend an entire day someone soon listing all my subjects and how many have since appeared in the news media?! Lol. There we two this morning alone!

So other than the treatment of mental health suffers by both the government and the NHS there was the subject of energy drinks. Though this is not accurate so such and should be caffeine loaded drinks. They mentioned caffeine but we're talking about school kids using them and one school had banned the use of them.

But what I have stated even times,  other then I get bad reactions to caffeine,  is that it is shocking how few drinks are available that do NOT contain caffeine.

My own mother asked me one day if I was aware that Lucozade contained caffeine and I did it was weird she mentioned it because I only found out a few weeks beforehand. I started that I had been using Lucozade to stop my intake of caffeine and I like to think that anything without it waters it down in your system. But that I was not doing this at all using Lucozade!

This brings me around to subject of choices in the not so supermarket of Sainsburys. I am sure that over time  many products have been disappearing?! Added to this all dilutable drinks are sugar free and test like crap. I find it extremely annoying that in a supermarket, and I DO MEAN all of them, that I stand there for ages and cannot find everything I like that is both good for me and within my budget!

But Doctors and nurses do think it has so easy and it soo is not!

Someone was interviewed about these drinks and their lack of warnings on their packaging. He made dine terrible excuses and it was probably someone from the FOOD STANDARDS AUTHORITY I just published the total annual wage bill of?! Lol!!

How many more times do you think this will happen over the next 6 months?!


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