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I must have forgotten but I have an application form here for a Freedom Pass?!

I just had a go at them too?! Oops, still they are evil, lying self serving twats and deserve to have someone like me have a go at them! Lol!

Now then I have filled in the form and I have written an accompanying letter, note how there is far too much for that tiny box and note that I probabky have not explained all of it, lol.

Also note then as just with the NHS recently I am letting the second of my BIG CATS out among those PIGEONS and all I have to do with this one is stand back, watch and wait.

But just to give anyone who has been shafted by these a bit of a laugh I will post the edited scanned application form and then the accompanying letter.

Remember this goes in Monday 3rd February and will be delivered by hand along with proofis of ID and that I will receive a RECEIPT for it.


Dear Sirs

I am writing to you concerning a Freedom Pass, and while at it my rent.

The letter is to accompany an application form for a Freedom Pass and to explain further as to what went on before, how I found out about some conspiring between what I call the UNHOLY TRINTY and to show that everything I said before is fact.

SO this applies to the non-payment of rent too and the Council Tax fiasco.

I suggest you pay close attention to this as any attempt to use more tricks, misleading actions or refusal will now have very serious consequences to you and indeed already has.

I shall explain.

I never quite explained it fully before because firstkly I was not aware just how many things there are and best of all and this is where everyone if finished, that they are all one and the same condition and have been treated as if I only had one then disregarding that one condition when moved onto the next one. It is well documented that the DWP do this.

I have around 120 symptoms. Best of all is that they all, bar one and that may well do as well, belong to one single solitary condition, Fibromylagia and I was not able to full inform you before because the NHS were deliberately lying to me and trying NOT to diagnose it.

NHS England very recently retracted two letters that I receieved a few weeks back because I held back on certain....FACTS so that U could catch them at it. For several years now I have applied for each of the things that are due to me and not only did I know that each one in turn would fail and that the law would be broken to do it, worst of all the codes of practise set out for health professionals, both Doctors and Nurses.

Only for way over three years now I have secretly recorded every single meeting, discusssion and phone call I have ever had, plus I have recorded hospital tests and appoitnments and I can tell you now I have a fair number falsifying Documents and then admitting it when I caught them too! Would you believe one was a private Doctor in the King's Oak section of Chase Farm and he is just one of a whole list that span three GP Surgeries and four or more hospitals. Include all the paerowkr and letters and you can double the number of hospitals and Doctors, Specialists and Nurses would number close to fifty, I have seen 7 physios alone!!

Reember NOW they just RETRACTED their two reports and after pretending to be doing a survey too, but then I planned it all with such genius and beauty that all those that were arrogant and over confident as well as defrauding the taxpayer would all fall into various traps and fail.

That is everyone so Enfield Council is involved too as yes I did record that last assessment too, but you were onl;y small fry in my endeavours I assure you. Try the following...

  1. NHS
  2. DWP
  3. Four Local Councils
  4. Police
  5. HMRC
  6. All Ombudsman (which by the way I also knew would do nothing)
  7. Argos
  8. Shop Direct (Littlewoods, Very and Isme Catalogues)
  9. MI5
  10. GCHQ
  11. Citizen's Advice
  12. Community Legal Advice

There will be a fair few others I cannot recall off the top of my head but I am sure you now get the point?!

Oh do not worry at the end of this letter I will provide you with access of that which I recorded as it is published online and I started 18 months ago, where I published stuff going back twenty years, and then continued to publish everything I got along the way!

This was to show my many visitors of not only what went on previously but that I made a prediction that the whole thing is a scam and using what I call on my blog the UNHOLY TRINITY of organisations.

Would you think I might have a couple hundred visitors? Nope. How about a couple of thousand? Nope! A few tens of thousands? Nope at the time or writing the number is around 100,000 and rises by over 2,000 a week on average. That 2,000 per week is AVERAGE and will rise too.

As I am a bit of a number cruncher and have a Degree in Applied Computing, something I was NEVER given respect for, I can tell you that it would not surprise me in the least if in the next year to 18 months I hit 1 MILLION.

I have recently been told by a journalist that my blog pops up everywhere and I have started to receive thanks from people that I have helped. For free I might add and at my own expense.

Hmm another things that is not going to go well in your favour is the fact that I am helping and have helped more people than any of the overpaid organisations could ever hope to!

I have saved at least one life too and I dare say there will be a lot more.

SO all of you did exactly what I expected you to for the last 4 years and as I have gone along I have gathered, watched, worked out, outfoxed and collected the greatest amount of data that any one person could ever hope to achieve and on not one but every organisation out there and a few private firms too!

But I am truly done with the games playing now and my lates and seemingly very good GP is referring me off the Guy's Hospital because of my Fibromytalgia.

As for all the public services well they will be like headless chickens for awhile before then acting like Rats.

You see on a sinking ship in the old days you would have two types of animals on board. There would be the humans and then there would be the Rats. You can always guarantee one single solitary thing regarding these animals.

That when they realise that the ship is sinking the humans help each other while the Rats will scramble over each others bodies to survive!

Now I hope this concludes the situation between me, you and the Council?!

I hope now you see the absolute folly of trying anything on with me?!

Ooh yes the website and the data?!

Well most of it is available on the blog and I tell people to download it, for free, and keep it just in case the government shut me down. That ship sailed with Rats aboard a very long time ago and it has a hole in its hull!

My data measures over 70GB, I say that as I stopeed counting when it was closing in on 50GB and that was a while ago now!

Absolutely EVERYONE that I have stated is on it and I do not keep recordings unless it actually shows the visitors something...

I look forward to hearing from you.


Martin Haswell BSc

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