Saturday, 25 January 2014


Sometimes I just have to shake my head in disbelief at the media.

It is not bad enough that I catalogued and sent them all this crap two years ago but that which it is now that they retort on it!!

The other really odd this is that although I consciously do not look so do not rally expect it I read a story about this where the NHS, right after it was retorted of the DWP doing the same, that they have lied about figures?!

No fecking SHIT, EINSTEIN!!

Jesus Christ you have to wonder at the media incompetence and taking an age to do anything just like everyone else!!

Remember that I do attack EVERYONE. I have alluded to this fact so often now it will guarantee to utterly destroy a certain industry I have been leaving to the last. I just an now lavishing plenty of clues to this so that they can be exposed later in 2014 to bit picking up on and therefore fecking incompetent.

In fact no better to anyone else but because of who they are and WHICH industry it is it will reflect far harder on them than anyone else I have attacked.

The funny thing is that they were the VERY FIRST TRAPS I SET OUT just before I tested this blog almost 18 months ago now. That is 18 months into the most elaborate trap of all that I am yet to make obvious.

Wellll.... some may have guessed which industry this is but add to the little tricks I have been using, nuh-uh!

The idea is to give out little piece of information here and there which overall looks bloody obvious. I think I have long since achieved that but over the next several months I will allude to this a great deal more. Think of this as the list three of for nails, just to be sure and be obvious to everyone but the most naive.

The most naive wool only turn out to be amoral anyway so do not really matter. Of vulnerable but naive then a shame that there will be nothing that I could possibly do to site them.

Oops, I did it again!

I think that the National Audit Office have just managed to place themselves squarely on my radar and already stand out like a sure thing because they are only putting this out now?!

Now remember that I stated for all and not just Ombudsman that as knowledge of this blog races around like wildfire that suddenly those enemies who have not even bothered to read so if this will suddenly become ANIMATED?!


I think you will find that I have ALLUDED to this previously too!

NHS waiting time data 'unreliable'

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