Friday, 24 January 2014


Very recently I got wind of a comment on one of my corruption blogs which was a couple of days back now and I have yet to answer that comment.

I apologise for that because I need to be on the  laptop to do this, even just to see it without viewing the webpage, which I do not reply want to do.

I told a few people about what the message stated to looks of surprise. I had to admit to being surprised also despite my mountain if confidence throughout and did think that eventually I would start getting comments like the one I did.
Now without grabbing ahold of my now severely broken phone to read the message again I will loosely repeat what it starred in a roundabout way.

To my surprise and a smile on my face someone stated in their comment that they had been following and reading my blog for awhile now. They stated that I had been a huge help to them and thanked me for creating the blog and for what I had done.

This was a surreal moment for me. Make no mistake.
Despite my varying tones and use of words on here both good and bad this is here to help people as am I. Despite everything I never managed to receive from those British people both vote for and pay for I would show how one person can help hundreds of thousands of people to millions of people and do it for free.

My varying tones and varying grammar also allow me to reach out and speak to very different types of people from all backgrounds and I had to think long and hard about this when I set out to do this.

So that comment left was something of a milestone for me. It was the first time that I could physically and visually see evidence of my own for what I set out to do.

It was a defining moment and one that brought emotions to me I had worked I might not be able to feel ever again. One of those was hope. Another was a humbling feeling with the first signs of a lump in my throat.

Since this comment came through I had wondered long and hard about how I should answer and what I should say. I decided that this and any comments like this should be given a post of their very own.

Any replied to said comments will invariably be along the same lines and so to my answer...


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