Monday, 20 January 2014


Now here is a first...

... I stated that I did not like it, then heard more people complaining about it. Then I stated seeing Windows 8 for a ridiculously cheap, by Microsoft's normally over inflated prices. Oddly it is funny how cheap things can be sold for when hi one like the bloody product?! Now I read that Windows 8 is so bad that Hewlett Packard have now announced that they are shipping computers with Windows 7 again.

That is completely mad but I fully understand it. If I was going to buy a laptop or complete system now I would buy a HP.

Well I actually want to build a PC, as readers of my computing blog know only to well as I keep harping on about it.

Still not long now, lol.

Ouch: HP brings Windows 7 'back by popular demand' -

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