Sunday, 19 January 2014


Right now here is one that meets a number of criterias...

1) It is to do with CHILDREN and after my daughter and grandchildren not a good idea to make me suspicious?!

2) They sent me a PDF report that is a joke, a complete mess, confusing beyond belief and numbers that bare no resemblence to previous numbers from any of the PREVIOUS 4?!?!

3) Again suspicious as according to one section of this report the annual salaries AMOUNTED to a mere £1.5 MILLION?! Stunningly good considering that there have been two at around £20 Million and two at around £40 Million?!

In fact right now I am so worn out and tired that I cannot even bear thinking about inputting their figures which are scattered across 54 pages for some bizarre reason only know to them and the person on drugs while creating the report that I am simply going to add the link in to the Annual Report to the Office of the Children's Commissioner!

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