Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Bit of a play on words with the title.

No it's ALL corrupt. You bloody morons only report on some things while hiding the bigger picture and more series things!

It seems once it is found out give them something FAIRLY JUICY and use this to occupy the little people while much bigger things go unnoticed?!

Except I starred from day one on this blog what the truth is on this as I have many others. Count up his many I have got wrong?! You will not need more than one hand and write possibly not more than one finger?! Lmao!

Note how many opinions I give that always turn out to be the case?! Ask yourself how this is even possible?!

It is everywhere and in everything this root of corruption and will continue to feck up the nation while the public keep leaving then to carry on regardless?!

I cannot be blamed for any of it because I never voted any of them in and I knew each catastrophe was coming because I stated it years before it did happen!

I for one an sick and tired of the same old people complaining and then voting in the same old people. Then they get so feed up they do not vote at all, will yes that is the obvious thing to do because that will alter everything.


Coulson 'knew what went on' at NoW

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