Sunday, 26 January 2014


Oh I simply could not believe this BBC report!

After starting to fell ill again and wondering whether to just post about that only because as soon as I felt it the first line I thought in my head was..

'Of for feck sake, don't tell me I am going to their up again?! That will be twice in two days, the third in five and the fourth on about 8 days!!

Strangely I can often actually have not bring anything up which is not nice but not nearly as bad but largely it all been about throwing up everything I have just eaten?!

Good God, I really wish I could find a way for people that are self absorbed, naive and holding so the cards to realise just how God can horrible this condition is and I am really amazed I have not heard of it in greater detail years so where it became obvious what I was suffering from!!

In fact if you go back further into the life of this blog and if you were smart enough you could find and lust clues that can link a great deal of things together.

Someone could produce a report or a series of reports for each and every horror story, public office and public service or anything else and out down my quotes and the dates I stated and then when things came to light. Whether I found this out and published the reports, letters, links, screen shots or anything else out whether visitors to this blog find things out for themselves?

Now what someone was going to do with the puzzle or puzzles they solved I really do not know. But if they are puzzle solvers I am sure they could figure something out.

But here is a link to a BBC report whereby an astronaut, do not know their name sorry, stated that space travel is important if... and I QUOTE...

"We are to survive as a species"

Never could I ever agree more on something. But then again if I am honest I think how I wish I could get into a single manned mission to Mars or a habitable Exoplanet because the human race here just leave me stunned at times for its narrow mindedness, selfishness, belief in impossible things and how this at the top destroy anything and everything to preserve what they have then want everyone else to pay for it. Even their own offspring, lol.

To continue in the same vein but before I become distracted with a different... vein this, space travel and exploration, has been held back for bloody years due to stupidity and false priorities.

To give an example yes things should be better prepared and not built in bits and pieces by the lowest bidder and the astronauts should be cared for. Yet when this went awry because of tight fisted rich people at the top everything came to a halt.

But it's been clear the planet we live on had been suffering for many years and yet when they do take notice they go running up a blind alley white throwing everything they have.... sorry everything WE HAVE up it before starting to realise that after being so damn confident with the most shocking predictions just do they can get in TV that maybe, just maybe they were wrong. Why could they be wrong? Because someone who had to much money and is no fecking good with it saw a way to screw a hell of a lot more out of those who were not to blame and also cannot afford it.

These were decisions that actually added to the global financial problem as it was approaching, but that think there is nothing wrong with trying to continue the over indulgent lives they let when they should not have reached those heady heights in the first place!!

Fecking morons!

They have been running things very wrongly and extremely badly for the last three decades at least and the future I could not wait for as a kid to arrive with man setting foot on Mars in 2004 and films like 2001 Space Odyssey have me dreaming...

... well let us just say that if I knew then what I knew today I would not have bothered to continue to live.

Oddly if you can find anyone in Brighton who is still alive that one me at that time I did predict to work colleagues that I had this horrid feeling things were going to be bad for me.

Quite his the feck my life ended up probably wise than I predicted back in 1985 I have no fecking idea.

2014 is hear now and we are ten years late of setting foot on Mars and with no idea if we are ever going to achieve that or when! I never dreamed back then that there would be a possibility that I might not see that in my lifetime?!

Still I have the race to view the first Exoplanets still to look forward to? The James Webb telescope and the New Horizons missions should keep me satiated for awhile and hotfoot the discoveries will start happening on a more regular basis? I only wish Sir Patrick Moore was still here to witness them!

Umm did I mention I have a big on Astronomy and Astrophysics which had been SERIOUSLY neglected?! That should change rather rapidly in the next 6 months?!?! Lol!

Space travel 'vital to our survival'

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