Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Wow, do my eyes deceive me?!

NPower had stated that the price of energy is going up again due to distribution costs and Ofgem have drug....well BOLLOCKS basically?!

Distribution costs?! The process are going to due to distribution costs?!

So do they mean that because the energy prices for distribution have gone up they have to put the prices up again? Well this level of incompetence will explain why it had continued to spiral upwards for five years running?!

Here is a thing to consider... if said owner or chief of a company has continued to put prices up based on lies and in a time when everyone is struggling write badly, especially the old and disabled, then I think it should be made law that an angry mob can then place said person on a pile of wood while tied to a stake?! All the while filming it to see what they would blubber about while they are being strapped down, lol.

Wait... I was sure I was dreaming when typing this so having a bit of a laugh... Not QUITE so sure now?!


Ofgem: Npower report 'misleading'

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