Sunday, 26 January 2014


Just a bit of honour this one and in the area of meteorology which is another passion of mine and Tornados in particular.

Besides always wanting to be a storm chaser, one of a long line of things I wanted to dabble in and not the only one skirting with danger, I was bemused to see this report about a Tornado in England!

I am always interested in Tornados especially the recent rise in frequency of them in the UK, due to a theory I have had for years, but this one in particular caught my attention and I thought it perfect, add many recent posts have been, to have s bit of a laugh at what may thought I would never do?!

Now because I did not achieve anything in 60 characters or less or managed to beat so the public offices and the government overnight I saw this and laughed due to my very recent sets of predictions.

Well they said 'When Pigs Fly' but here is a report of some floating pussy cats?!?!

So Pigs actually flying might not be that far off???


All we need note is some FLYING PUGS and we are almost there!! Lmao!

'Tornado lifted feral cats in air'

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